Jojo's bizarre adventure/Vids/combos ect

I know this game is old,but i was wondering if anyone one of you have a link or maybe some vids they can hook me up with.Or even a website that has a bunch of tips and facts on this fighter,please let me know thanks.
if its still up has a few things. SilverGear has made a combo exibition vid too in the past my wana track him down for it.
It’s a japanese site but you will find some combo movie

The Story:

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Good Resource:

Good FAQ:

I have yet to be able to find any combo vids or matches.

wow!thanks a bunch guys,apreciate it i’ll take a look at them.I had a dam virus,second time reformating…dam virusus.


i remember team (meikyousisi?)made a video. i don’t know if it is still around though.

meikyousisui’s combovid is in a DVD

dude ! thanks thanks X 1000amillion …awesome

ttp:// <-- remember this ?? what is the sound track title ??i want the song …for my projus tutorial vid