JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Vs Darkstarkers game

Would you play it and what would you like to see in it?

I’d rather see a straight Jojo’s 2d fighter of another series. Eg series 5 or 6 would be awesome!

Or if not a fighter then a 2D RPG of series 3. (in English)

no i would love this but i would add warzard. warzard was kind of an adventure fighter that didn’t get to shine. the combination of these three games would make for an extremely diverse cast.

I like your avatar OP.

I’d think it’d be easier, and more interesting if they just pulled characters from all 7 parts.

Like a Jojo Dissidia or something

That’s the only kind of Jojo crossover game I’d ever want to see.

at this point, i would take anything with jojo cast, and same type of controls that are in the cps3 game.

Give me a new game based off of Steel Ball Run, the newest JoJo arc.

Diego (DIO) Brando turning into a Raptor for one of his moves would be more than enough to get me interested.

quoted for pure and absolute truth

its never going to happen :sad:

JoJo vs HnK Crossover.

Team Dio / Toki.

Za Warudo xx DHC into instant kill.


Yeah a 7 series spanning Jojo’s game with the jba button layout UGH! Too nasty! DAMN!