JoJo's for those who play it!

I know the game wasn’t popular but hey, I think it’s fun and I enjoy playing it. Post up some combos for those who play it.

Here you go:

Shadow Dio Infinite:

[C.WA > S.HA xx Stand Button > Forward Dash > C.WA > S.HA xx Stand Button > Dash Forward…]xN

C = Crouching
S = Standing
WA = Weak Attack.
HA = Hard Attack.

The C.WA > S.HA is a link that’s REALLY tight in timing, so it may take some practice just to get that to work. Also, in order for the infinite to work you must dash forward THE INSTANT you press the stand button. Do it a second too late and your C.WA won’t combo.

It’s a pretty hard combo to get down and requires some practice. The first 9 hits do crazy damage.

Tight I’ll try that. I got a nice one with Hol Horse.

S.HK> Mighty Gun(WA)> S.HK> Mighty Gun(MA)

You can repeat that for a good amount of damage.

Does anybody know how to do THE WORLD glitch. I really would like to see it.

buffer world from knockdown so it activates while ther are still in rise animation, back up do knives super on ground stand off 2 times make sure they freeze in the air, drop steam roller, time stop ends steam roller forces them into a stnading state and wall bounc knives hit after time is moving bypassing the scaling of damage, best results in arcade, if i forgot anything nate will help.

I don’t see why people don’t play that game. I swear if muthafuckas saw the movie they would trip and see how tight JoJo’s is. Any of ya’ll got the JoJo’s eps.

Yeah I do have all the eps including the last series.

Jojo combo

(With stand on) s.WA x2, c.WA, c. HA, qcfx2 PP(Before doing super u can turn off the stand and do the super since ur oponent is in the air even so timing is a bit stick)

PS: That combo can be followed by almost anything.


(stand on) short hop MA, ->MA(will be lunched into the air so u could do another various MA or) qcfx2 PP

I have other combos but forgot most of them so maybe I post them later when I remember lol

Do you have direct connect?

Dio, in all forms, is absolutely fucking broken.

Who plays Devo? I think they got Zappa from that guy.

Zappa = Donovan from vampire series.
Testament = Jedah
Slayer = Demitri
etc etc

I need a copy of Jojo. I had a dog named Jojo.

Yeah I have Direct connect. Also I have some Jojo vids and other stuff.


Anyway I think Zappa looks more to Vanila Ice. Well here u have more combos:


j.HA, cr.WA or cr. MA(u could follow with a Custom Stand combo but I need to check this) :EDIT IT CAN BE DONE:
mystic cloak, s.MA x7, qcf PP (u do this after he wall bounce so u can get almost all the hits)

With Stand

cr WA x2, cr. MA(3hits)
s.WA x2, s.MA (4hits) :EDIT it can not conect to super :frowning:
s.MA (can be followed by another s.MA), qcf PP NOTE ur opponent must be jumping for this to work.


j.HA, cr.MA, qcf MA, qcf MA, qcf S,dash HA
Double Sword Master (srk) WA, qcf PP NOTE must be done in the corner
j.HA, s.MA, qcf PP

That all for now anyway let’s keep this thread alive at least people.

how to do this combo ??
they’re not chain-combos , they’re not link combos…

is MORE TIGHT then SFA’s Guy Combo …

such as jotaro’s la > > > star-breaker > jump-in ha

i mean what the fuck ?? that’s how infinite started …

Ok well I checked that combo I must say that the timing is so damn stric but it can be done. BTW when u do the j.HA it need to be a short hop. BTW Jojo have some stic timing like in the SNK games.

Also I added new combos and fixed some of the combos on my last post.

someone test for me when can u tech off of hol’s hard (the kick)?

I dunno I mess with that a lil later tonight. The CPU always does it like just after they bounce off the wall.


i play with hol horse, mariah, and jotaro

i’m curious about how mariah players set up the mine (stand)?

i love jotaro …

mariah is kinda nice for newbies . yes CHEAP !! hehe

Well she has low stamina if u consider her cheap what about srk Hol Horse freaks.

kaikyoin has on the fly infinites, that have about the most lax timing of any character. heirophants nets combo into each other, you just have to compesate with placement. for example, his running stand on HA, qcb MA , dashing HA ,qcb HA, dash qcb LA (thats the closest net) then you could do any super (but his raging demon, they’re in air) or you could do dashing HA into MA net . you just have to wait long enough to do the next so they fade away. 3-4 nets into super = way over half life.

my fav jotaro combo is S©.LA S©.LA F + S.LA + S S.LA S.MA XX QCB+MA QCB+MA J.MA XX QCF+PP

meh, this thread is probly dead anyway.