JoJo's for those who play it!

Nah I’ve been workin on some special shit for the Jo Jo’s fans. Jus keep postin any info you can find. I’ve been messin around w/ Hol Horse still, Vannilla Ice, The world, Ebony Devil. As of late my heart is w/3s so I haven’t been playin everyday, but I will get around to gettin the secret posted.

I like to use Dio, Jotaro, and Black Polnareff. My roommate is formidable with Pet Shop, which is really weird to fight against. Have any of you seen the series that the game is based on. That makes the game a hell of alot more enjoyable. We’re actually thinking of having a small tournament on this game, there are about 15 of us who play it.

Tight yea I’ve seen the old ones. I wish I could find the new based off of Chp.5 or 6 I think. I actually read the manga now since I’ve seen the eps early last yr. That would be tight to see try to record it if you can.

jOjO at evo fifiy

jojo is one of my fav manga series, ive got everything thats been translated so far.

if anyone wants something about a specific character, ill post everything i know about them. i dont wanna go spouting off about like alessy or something.

Shadow:O hell yea we shouldve played at TS5 but there was no place to set up a DC or nothing, but yea I’m down fo JoJo’s at EVO fo sho.

Druken: Actually thats not a bad idea. Do you know alot about Chp.6 cause it’s some stand abilities I’m not sure on. I know a lot about JoJo’s too. It’s jus once you see the first 6 eps you’re hooked. That wouldn’t be bad idea I mean jus post what you know. I’ll do the same gotta get some sleep cause of work but later on tommorrow I’ll post some shit about chp.5. The best chapter IMO. In fact I know a site w/all the info already covered I’ll jus link that. good site lots of info. Some of you might already know about this, but for the ones who didn’t well jus some shit to peep in free time at work or something.

In about a half a month my secret shall be reveled. I think most of ya’ll will flip when ya’ll see it.

Meikyosisui for Jojo is on

Old jojo threads are gone. :frowning:

Someone list the ungodly broken stuff again.

uh arcade:
dio 100% unblockable
chaka counter slice super
kayonik or whatever lockdown combo

evos comming up soon we should get some games in…

huh ???

how the fuck does jotaro’s infinite works ??

small jumpin-ha , some weird attack cancel into star fingah and hits and repeat small jumpin-ha and do that thing again and again …

how to d star-platinum’s crouch jab ?? is a low attack , but it looks like star-platinum doing a low standing jab , and cancel into super-blazing ora ora 30+ punches and jotaro adds in to link the super …

ANOTHER question …

how to do instant kill with time stop ??

Just co-signing on how fantastic this game and Series of Comics are.

I’ve got all of Series three. Even found some of the old Series 3 Books in Italian when I was in Rome.

I wanna get hold of Series Six. I’ve got the last JoJo comic in the series and it’s in Italian so I have no idea what the hells going on can anyone summarise or give me a link to the last comic?

its only arcade…
kncokdown, buffer world, dash back wall of knives X2 drop steam roller right b4 the time resumes gives u 50 damage then time unfreeze wall bounce knives hit with no scale since time is normal again… death sometimes it will do 75 on console or a bit less

er jotaro’s 1 …he can do 100% with 1 super blazing fist which is the 32 hits 1

ooooo…jojo…i can play lol, dio and mariaha own! and jojo too hes cool. lets play this crap at evo ppl casual games r fine wit me i’m down.

i remember doing the world (dio or jotaro version)

then doing heavy punch into rush punch over and over and it did 50% damage and randomly did 100% damage (didn’t do the damage scaling it usually did by using the world)

record that shit !! in a videocam …

is the japanese dc version different form the american dc version?just thought i ask

I heard the Japanese version has red blood and uncensored intros.

it does…

Joseph with stand.

j.SA, s.SA, qcf+SA, quickly b+HA to bring them close, s.WA, s.WA, s.MA,
qcb+S, s.WA, s.WA, slight pause, s.WA, s.WA, c.SA(not the sweep), qcf+SA, b+HA tp bring them close, 360+any punch.

The 360 should usually always land.