Joke Idea


I’m thinking of (maybe as next years April fools joke) having someone create a spoof site of Shoryuken called Koryuken. Since Dan is a pun on Ryu of sorts and his opposite in skill level. I’m thinking also of somehow incorporating a “Saikyo Meter”, where people can be awarded points from mods for jokes, randomness, and sometimes even epic fails. Also, a rank system, where people are given titles based on their “SAIKYO-NESS”, provided through the meter. The ones who fill it up will be “Saikyo Masters” and be able to access “secret” areas of the site, a mugen version of the Alpha games, where every character besides sagat, sakura, and go hibiki will be all different versions of dan. The site would have if it ever came to be,would have a pink theme to it, and a KRK logo that mocked this site’s logo. Also, banning would be called “SAIKYO GOKU SATSU’D”. As in when you were banned, you would get a message that “You have been owned by dan, personally. Saikyo goku satsu!”

           Heck maybe srk could transform into krk on april fools! (2011)


umm if you announce it, then it isn’t an april fools joke

…and you could have posted this in the lounge

…or your other thread


-_-… the svc3 joke was announced practically before it happened, same with mvc3, and the sheng long joke actually SAID right up front it was a joke, and people still thought they weren’t because they forgot their better judgement. Also, people’s short term memories, including mine, don’t last for 12 months.


You are one living breathing shitting April Fools…none of that shit were ANNOUNCED before it happened.
That would fucking spoil the joke.

Do you know when the MVC3 joke actually happened?


get the twig out of your ass, it was 2005. The svc3 was “announced” via the mockup made and posted in these forums. Sheng long had “ideas for april fools jokes? write now!” written below it.
I’m not mad I’m just becoming more and more apathetic about even going on these forums if all people want is some damn HUUUUGE announcement or discovery every time you post. Just face it, shit dosen’t happen in extraordinary wasys in most conversations or anything really. Get over it and stop being assholes. I rest my internet case, and I will be deleting this post soon, so leave it be.