Joker magic trick avater


anyone up to make this as my avater


man i wanna see this finished product, potential here


I’m so disappointed you’re not prem. The av maker is restricted way too much to truly make this epic.


:u: yeah, it’s not going to fit into a non-prem av.

besides, you aren’t the first person to suggest the idea:

and no, i still haven’t seen the movie.


I can try when I get home from work, but i have my doubts. It could be a real challenge trying to get a 2.19 mb file (size of the .gif) to fit in the 48.8 kb limit (max for prems) and not be shit; and that’s assuming you don’t add anything else to the .gif file (effects, name, etc.)


Yeah, I think this is impossible.


Tall order. Even dropping the size, dropping the color and dropping most of the frames, I still get a 157kb file.


cool was looking for that .gif, saved, good find :cool:


i am going to get a pre so i can have this avater


I tried to get it down while keeping the greatness of it. The smallest I was able to get it to was 138 kb; and that was looking pretty crappy at that point. Sorry.


LOL gigas pimp smack my new favorite SA.


ZS you got the greatest avatar yet man :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Somebody please buy homie a month of premium