Joker's Put a Smile On Your Face

SF4 side tourney results for today. GGs to everyone I played can’t wait for the next!

  1. Grog - Honda (zero losses)
  2. Mr. Tusks - Blanka (put in losers by Grog)
  3. EvilZangeif - Zangief (put in losers by Grog, eliminated by Mr. Tusks)
  4. 8bit - Akuma (put in losers by Mr. Tusks, eliminated by Mr. Tusks)
  5. Joker - M. Bison, Sagat (put in losers by EvilZangeif, eliminated by Mr. Tusks)
  6. Uli - Ryu (put in losers by Grog, eliminated by 8bit)
  7. ~Love~ - Ken, Balrog (put in losers by Grog, eliminated by Uli)
  8. Bone - Balrog (I forgot to grab the brackets so I forgot how it was after this sorry!)
  9. Schism - El Fuerte
  10. Arkive Zero - Cammy, Ryu (Put in losers by Grog, eliminated by Bone)

If someone can help me update the missing info I’d greatly appreciate it, also if someone played someone else please let me know, great tourney guys!

gs Grog :slight_smile:

GGs to everyone that was there. It was a lot of fun.

Thing’s woulda been VERY different had I been there…

Ill be taking my crown back next time, thats a promise.

you mean your top hat?

Whatever it is, grog knocked it off with a game ending throw.

I just wanted to give you a hug.

GS grog

sit on everyone :cool: