Jokes about well-known FGC members


Post your own ones in the comments below. I’ll start.

When Mike Ross started playing SFxT, due to E. Honda not being in the game, he wasn’t sure whom he was gonna main. A friend of his suggested that he pick Akuma, but Mike misheard him and started learning Kuma instead.
At first he did alright with Heihachi’s pet, so it grew on him, but not long afterwards, his results began significantly deteriorating against tougher opposition. Ross, being a highly emotional player and a character loyalist at that, decided to consult his friend again:

  • Man, I know you told me to try Kuma, and I did well for a while, but now it’s not looking so good anymore, and I’m starting to think that he actually sucks!
  • Bro, I said Akuma, not “a Kuma”, lol! But seriously, switch to Gouki, he’s definitely better.
  • I can’t.
  • Why not? - Mike’s friend was puzzled.
  • Because, - Ross replied somewhat sorrowfully, - I’ve already committed, and now that’s Mike Ross to Bear.