Jon Favreau planning to make an Avengers movie

Prob. old news, but seeing what he has in plan for the future Ironman movies there’s hope that he might make the movie good. IMHO an Avengers movie could work instead of a Cap. America movie.

Nah, Cap is a must…eventually. They have a Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Thor movie all lined up for a movie about the ORIGINAL Avengers. They could put in Cap for the sequel.

Kiefer Sutherland as Cap is a must, though.

In the interview he says that it won’t happen until all of the characters have individual movies because that’s how Marvel wants it. So not gonna happen anytime soon.

Dinner For Five Avengers could be an interesting movie though. Sorry, couldn’t resist. :rofl:

Ah I see, I just hope that the Cap. America movie won’t be all action.

Avengers Assemble!

I wanna see the Avengers trinity on the big screen. :cool:

dude… what do you want cap to do, write plays? comment on the economy being fucked and the u.s. dollar being worth less than the canadian dollar? i’m pretty sure hearing that would kill cap.

i want to see him bust up some nazi’s, get frozen/unfrozen, team w/the other avengers, and maybe him shout a few orders while he beats up some more goons (hopefully nazi’s, again).

Nah dude. Kiefer is way too short to play Cap A.