JonnyQuest's Avatar Request

simply drop images and sprites and some idea’s of what you’d like your avatar to look like…

here are a few i’ve worked on
all are up for grab’s… claim if you like… just post what you take… =)**

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Could you hook me up with an av please? :wonder:

Include Dizzy and Lacus(the pink haired girl in the first pic) in the avatar,purple bg with the name shini in grafitti style font white preferably for the font color

Thankslots in advance :wgrin:

Good stuff JQ. That Alex av is clean. :cool:

sorry it took me so long to get here… um… i forgot to subscribe to my own thread…

alright, n/p… i’ll see what i can do… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot dude…really appreciate it :wgrin:

JQ can you please hook me up with an av as well. just put bison blanka and sagat on the av as well as my screenname somewhere and the K groove bar somewhere as well. other than that have fun with it. If you can do it for me i would really be greatful.

shini… your’s is above… i tried making it look like the red head was puting the feather in dizzy’s mouth… :lol:
if you want anything changed in it let me know…

i’ll jump on it…

honkey edit:
thx KidZero =)


Yo JQ, could you hook a brotha up with a shinblanka av using this pic:

C:\Documents and Settings\Shonda Dixon\My Documents\My Pictures\2004-12-17


anyway awsome avaters. I like that magneto not dead yet coolness !

larry, upload it on then put the [img] code back here… :lol: i’ve done that myself… :wonder:

honkey edit:
thx snaaaake =)

A JQ thanks for making those FR9 avatars! O.K. I gotta sleep…

n/p monkee77 =)… i like the style you got going on w/ u’res…

Tyram your’s is above now also…


Dude I didnt know u were this talented wtih avs… could u make me a dope fr9 av with dudley in his lk(cream) color, thanks…

i’ll start on it tonight… :tup:

Yo I would like a FR9 av w/Dudley in it. I would like animation. If you could make rose pedals fall from the heaven, and have Akuma just laid out in a bloody mess. Please don’t give me that red backdrop plz. Get creative w/the background.

Thank You

**i’ll take one more request for the time being, i’m going to have to start back seriously practicing for Final Round and working on a side project…
also working, fathering my daughter… **

working on:

waiting list:
50-fiftytrap (no text?)

Yea Jonny just put “50/50 bitch the odds are against you!!!” or Just 50-FIFTYTRAP which ever

Also, good luck at FR9 bruh. I’ma start practicing again too.

David Lee would Like an avitar made, cool background, mag/storm/ironman/and ryu in it and have it say David L thx