Joo @ Meikyousisui wants your feedback!

joo wants to know:

  1. What is your favorite video from Meikyousisui?
  2. What is your favorite combo from Meikyousisui?

I know that with all the mind-blowing combos they’ve made, it’s really hard to narrow it down, but please, be specific.

joo, Meikyousisui and I thank you! :china:

Meikyousisui Volumes 1 through 10, Satsujin 1 and 2, and the All Characters Infinite vid can all be found on (and if you aren’t already registered, it’s free to do so).

Satsujin 2 Combos-Only version can be found here:

vol 6 ftw

I actually enjoyed combo video #2

No combos on assists, no glitches…
Just good ol fashioned comboes.
Presentation wasn’t as good as the later movies… but the music was great and the comboes simply blew me away the first time I saw the movie.

Favorite combo?? I dunno.

Probably the Wolverine one that he did on Roll that ended with a Weapon X. Last combo in volume 7.

volume 6 is their absolute best. who wasnt blown away by the amazing editing job of masala? the music fit perfect. the music synced up so amazingly well with the video. and who can forget the super dope guile combo with 8365873657836853 sonicbooms. that combo is legendary in my eyes.

all their vids are top notch, but 6 is their masterpeice in excellence

Hmmm there was one where the end of the vid featured some combo by strider. It also had some shuma/thanos combos. The vid with wolverine that box mentioned is also a great one.

Vol. 6 is without question one of the greatest videos they ever produced.

In my opinion it’s the greatest MvC2 video in existence.

As for favorite combo, the one from Vol. 10 where there’s two Magnetos on the screen performing a combo at the same time on Sentinel. That, to me, was fucking bad ass.

vol 6 is the best

haha, you beat me to making the thread. Vol 6 ftw doesn’t qualify as an answer :rofl:

Volume 8 was my favorite. Fav combo is the kobun combo with sabertooth and gambit.

Its tough between Vol 6 & 8, but I’d have to say Vol 6.

The Jojo’s video is epic. Just amazing stuff. Impressive to anyone.

Favorite Combo has to be the Kakyoin one. Just ludicrous.

The JoJo combo vid was my favorite one even though there isn’t another vid to compare it to. The combos just seemed so insane even though i’ve never played the game before and the editing wasn’t bad either.

As for a single combo, the only one that pops in my head is this one:


i like volume 10.

my 2 favorite combos are the ending one with wolverine and roll. and the one with ken? and storm on the screen at the same time in vol.10

my favorite has to be vol. 10, the presentation is unmatched, and the music was perfect.

my favorite combo tho has to be the storm combo in vol. 8, that bitch is crazy!!!

No love for 10? That was incredible shit. Not only was the music just incredible, and the editing great, but the combos unprecidented. I had never, EVER seen shit like that before Meik 10.

Fave combo was probably Ruby, Rogue, Psylocke at the end of 10. That was crazy shit.

My favorite is easily the trailer for the Jojo vid. The timing was perfect. I think my favorite combo had the be the Jotaro instant kill glitch at the end. Sooo badass.

Volume 10, definitely. Vol. 6 was amazing at the time, but it hasn’t aged well (the engrish kills it for me).

marvel - that crazy long combo in satsujin with I belive guile or charlie.

jojo- best vid in existence music was stupid good. combos were like wtf!!! THE WORLD.

I don’t know which version you have, but there are 2 versions of it, one of them has correct english.

Just checked Combovideos and they have the engrish version of it. I’ll update it with the correct version and post later.

1.Meik Vol 10
2.My favorite combo is the BB Hood combo they did against Roll in one of there videos(I cant remember which).