Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


All right, updated January 19, 2010.

Since most people are probably clicking on the first post, i decided to update it with the necessary information.

I’ll send people who pm the link to the DVD before i post it on Capcom-Unity. We plan on FINISHING the DVD by the 31st of Jan., however, it’ll probably available for download like a week after.

First of all, this DVD is free.

This DVD will be uploaded in ISO format and Youtube so that it will be seen by as many people as possible.

This DVD is solely MvC2 combos.

This DVD took Joo 5 years to make.

This DVD is Joo’s absolute best.

This DVD has combos for every character in the game.

He will most likely not make anything after this because he said that he cannot think of any greater ideas than those shown in the DVD.

Right now, the newest video by Joo is the DVD Preview.

You can download the video


The explanation post regarding the DVD Preview can be found here.

The entire Meikyousisui series is what Joo is best known for. They are the very best MvC2 combo videos out there right now, they can be downloaded here:

Meikyousisui Volume 1

Meikyousisui Volume 2

Meikyousisui Volume 3

Meikyousisui Volume 4

Meikyousisui Volume 5

Meikyousisui Volume 6

Meikyousisui Volume 7

Meikyousisui Volume 8

Meikyousisui Volume 9

Meikyousisui Volume 10

Meikyousisui Volume 11

They’re also on youtube


Well I’m not too hot at combos, but I try. I’ll appreciate it. My problem is I can’t seem to implement them in matches to often; most of the people I fight are way too defensive. :bluu: I think I’ll start a thread on the evilness of turtling to the extreme. :tdown:

Although, I see FAQs that have dozens of combos, but in a real match, you have to ask yourself: Will I really remember/use all these? Is it practical to know all of them?


I want more amingo! :pray: and that strider combo on bot was pretty dope.


fuck yeah


servbot took that bitch to the kitchen

this shit is realllllllllly impressive


Well the best part about fighting games is being able to whip up flashy combos in a heated match! Especially sent in the corner fly combos. We could do a normal air combo into unblockable OR do a 16 hit unfly combo.

For all of them, not really unless you play every character in the game competitively.

Ya gotta just learn what ya can from these vidoes. Not just combos but understanding what a character is capable of beyond combos. Hard to explain as usual


i think we should put together some hot combos to maybe change joo’s mind about releasing. everybody should throw down some of the flash.

:] us mvc2 digs joo


What exactly doesn’t he like about the general public when it comes to viewing his combo videos? There are always haters in all walks of life…fighting-game creativity/competitive gaming is no exception.

Just to say though, I enjoyed watching Joo’s stuff. Some things weren’t actually too applicable in real matches, but still shined a light on cool character and game engine extras.


In the video, I noticed that the combos he performed didn’t do damage to the dummy’s lifebar. Furthermore, he wasn’t in the training stage. Did he mod the game somehow? I’d like to know how he did that.


He’s using Action Replay codes so we don’t have to look at training mode for ten minutes at a time :}

I think part of the reason he’s hesitant to put it out is that all of us players on this side of the ocean are lookin’ at his stuff with the idea of “okay what can i steal here and introduce into competitive play?” while thats not at all his style.


Action Replay Codes…my, its been awhile since I’ve used those.

I can see what he’s hesitant about concerning the combo video, but I really don’t think anyone would consider the combos practical enough to use in competitive play. Against a random scrub, maybe…:razz:


A little odd, yet understood nonetheless. It’s just that people have a tendency to duplicate combos that are ‘cool/flashy’ or powerful. If he doesn’t want his combos duplicated, I think his best option would be to never show them to anyone who plays competitively or affiliates with anyone who plays competitively. By competitively, I take you mean entering tournaments and such…anything outside of casual. Competitive players play casuals as well. He has a hard task if he intends to keep his combos out of competitive play, yet still release them to the public. Sounds serious.


The thing is, in most of his extravagant combos, there are parts that can still be implemented in play to be used for hits alone or even set-ups into something else.


Ah, that’s right. I didn’t think of that. Still, I don’t really see the problem. Aren’t combo videos made so people can… (holds breath)…use the combos? Yes, it borders on sacrilege but what’s the point of showing it if you don’t want people to learn it?

If people label them as “their own”, then that’s another thing but not something to obsess over.

But, hey its really simple for a guy like me. I won’t even bother to learn most of the long, hard stuff in the video until I can master Morrigan’s infinite, Ruby’s qcf+pp reset and Hayato’s III plasma combo into Black Hayato super. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. :rofl:


nah. i didn’t mean he’s afraid people will take them. I just used that as an example of how I and i’m sure a lot of other US players view his videos. 99% of players want practical combos, while Joo and Magnetro and a few other people are on a whole other level looking for a more artful approach-- they’re not so much concerned with playing versus other people so much as exploring the game engine itself and taking the combo system to its limit. Basically they’re playing a different game than we are and thats the hesitancy i think Magnetro was expressing on Joo’s behalf :]


Well to be honest, i think alot of people enjoy his work because it does just that. It explores the game in a way that 99% of marvelers wouldn’t do. Some people may say “the combos aren’t practical, or they don’t do enough damage to make them worth doing.”


The point is too showcase the potential, and possibility of situations & combos in the game. People need to understand that the maker (Joo) isn’t telling us “This is what you should be doing.” He’s just showing us what could be and maybe trying to inspire others to look into the same.

I think i might be speaking on things i don’t exactly have a full understand, but i hope i got this point across. If it wasn’t the reason Joo didn’t/doesn’t want to showcase his work publicly then sorry for my incorrect assumptions.

I really believe it would be tragedy not to see his work because he puts so much effort into it that i believe people should take the time to see it. Weather they like it or not is irrelevant. All that matters is that people recognizes that this guy is showing us another way to play america’s favorite fighter:wink: and that he takes his time to actually do it for us. We should recognize his hard work weather we like it or not.


With that said i would like to comment on what i enjoyed about the video.

First the sakura combo

I enjoyed this combo because for me, it had an in match sort of look to it. To explain, the combo was on sentinel, one of the most abused top tiers (and probably the funnest in my opinion.) The combo was simply beautiful in how he went from normal sak to evil sak with the hado xx transform that continued on to link to the rest.

Next the Amingo combo

I never knew just how much those little cactus kids could help in linking. How he was able to use one to cause FSD was amazing, and the showcase of links to keep jin in the air such as c.lp, s. mp, c.lp, c.hp, c.lp, c. mk was awesome. Very good use of links + character body knowledge by using jin for the combo.

Next Servbot

OK first thing, wow, that combo was done by servbot, someone we hardly ever see do repeated normals to special chains. Usually we see servbot for supers or little glitches for fun. Watching him use serbots “assist specials” while using the taunt to combo was great. Also his use Roll body + Serv’s timed normals to create an FSD was stunning. The final combo with launch xx helicopter assist had a comical sense to it.


I don’t know if he did this on purpose or not, but i believed he did this combo with the aim of finishing it with 69 on the combo meter as a sorta sex joke. if so i must say it was brilliant. The use of rogue’s, and iceman’s assist to cause the glitch to stun the characters during her rush super was nice because they were necessary in achieving this goal.


As side from the great uses of links, i thought this goal here was to show strider doing an amazing, LONG, combo without oroborus. Very excellent display of air, and ground normal links.


The use of IceFist to change the some of the normals effects on hit, and use to assist on the FSD was genius. I never would have thought to see IceFist to such a high level of assisting in links.


I think he pretty much did every possible link combo imaginable here. Even the taunt cancel was in there. From smartbomb, shoulder cannon, and c.hp were all used to link back into normals in the air, and the ground. This actually opens up a big area of extension to combos for him that Ironman doesn’t have. This gives people reason to looking him as replacements or changes in Ironman based teams.

Lastly, Dhalsim

You literally just went bananas here. 100% off of commando grab in the corner. The sjc yoga fire xx yoga fire super was nice way to set up the FSD with sj f.lp, land launch. Great stuff.

Even if Joo doesn’t decide to make his Dvd public, this was more than we could ask for.


:tup: Joo! Joo da’ man :woot:


yeah that’s pretty much it.

it’s pronounced “joe” as in JoJo:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Strange and beautiful. Excellent work that shows the artfulness of the game that I shall likely never be able to achieve, but will enjoy striving towards.


I was wondering if Joo was still playing marvel hehe. I honestly am surpirsed at this lastest vid, I thought it would be combo’s w/ the glitch DHC thing, but it’s actually good old creative solo combos!! Very impressive @ this stage or marvel. I hope Joo still releases this to the public. He always seems to push the marvel combos to the limit!