Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


Vol8: Program pad mash. The programs are [4HP/6HK].
Vol09: Multiple OTGs are usually 1-frame otgs. However, there are some moves in the game that have the same amount of knockdown stun no matter what. So for instance, Felicia’s Help Me super always knocks down the opponent for a set amount of time after the first knockdown. The common OTG is the one-frame one. MSP players do it all the time, they are unrollable and “always” work.


so how do you do the characters comboing in the air with ground strings?




wow, i’m surprised you showed me. properties please. can you list moves available that you can do? is it normal moves, can you do supers? DHC? fly?

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Wow, that’s really stylish. That must work only if you finish the special on the frame that you recover?


thanks for the update. really cant wait for the dvd.


I have no idea. I tried gene splice but it didn’t work. so maybe moves that require the character to stay grounded?

I couldn’t do supers. You can DHC. I think you won’t be able to do fly.

and yah, it only works on a certain frame or two.

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The set up for the combo was using Guile’s freezing Somersault blade.

Ryu SJs and does his super to DHC into Dan’s level-3. There is no way to get Dan that close to Megaman without DHC’ing into him.

The Somersault keeps Dan from bouncing away after the level-3 hits.

The 16th hit is a regular OTG. This means that the OTG LImiter will not allow anymore standard OTGs

The 25th hit is a 2HK. The 2HK hits Megaman while he is standing, as such, it creates extended knockdown time. This allows him to follow up.

Dan cancels the 2HK into snapback in order to kill its recovery. Then he gets an OTG and repeats the technique in order to get different hits to connect.


Wow… 10 rocket punches in Mei v5.


No love for Satsujin series, eh?


It was done on an assist.



Just checked in since it was December. Looking forward to this video in January :smile:


End of January. So everything should be uploaded and organized by mid-feb. I have to UL to youtube before some idiot who isn’t me ULs the video and gets 50k views with 0 explanation. I have to organize all of it after we finish it.


Do you have access to one of the original youtube accounts before they put in video length restrictions? Otherwise you’re going to need to break the video apart in to many many sections from how long it sounds like this video is going to be.


Ah no. That was my concern originally. However, joo is cutting up the DVD combos into chapters…the combos anyway. The explanation videos are another story :(.

So no, I guess the explanation videos are going to have to be cut into two part segments.

I wish I had one of those accounts.

As of now, the DVD is going to be almost 4 hours per language.

40m of combos
1h of general marvel mechanic explanation
2h of combo explanation.


these videos are awesome :china: can’t wait for the dvd


I am looking forward to this!


Ah I didn’t even know about this thread.


Does ruby hearts fsd only work on commando? I know alot of these combos are considered not practical but i use low tier, and can actually do some of them after practicing. I learned her fsd on commando but does it work on anyone besides him?


Here is a list of which sweeps hit which characters by Joo.