Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


My favorite combos are any and everyone that involved switch-ins. Servebot and tron ones especially.

Solo combo… BH ofcourse :slight_smile:
that s.RH SJCd to to connect the demons from s.RH gave me a crap load of ideas.


Um … what the hell did i just watch?

Explanation plzkthx.


^ Looks to me like its just the venom grab glitch using storm assist. When they are in the web grab they are registered as being on the ground.

By using that Storm assist it knocks the opponent high in the air and allows them to do ground moves since they are considered to be grabbed on the ground. This allows Magneto to do a ground move. At least that I what I think is going on.


Hahaha i love the last u2b tag you listed for the [media=youtube]XJ2yWYhzY2I[/media] … real classy-like.


Posted Cyclops 29 Hit Optic Blast on front page of my site.

The same idea is shown in Volume 11 where he has someone do a snapback as the Optic Blast hits. The super flash causes the Optic Blast to do more hits. So by using the Raging Demon, it’s like the game is in super freeze/flash mode the entire time.


that was weird.


ya, akuma is getting hit, and canceling to super again the frame he recovers. It cancels so fast that it slows down the optic blast.


Okay i need to see 50-hit Sonic Hurricane now.

Or is that trick Cyclops-only? Can he do it with his supers? Can he do it with upblast? Cuz if he can do it with upblast i don’t see any possible excuse for not doing it with upblast.

Are you sure? Cuz i think Akuma’s evil chi keeps him safe from Optic Blasts. It looks to me like Sentinel’s flames are what’s getting hit.


Actually The Jill assist is getting hit. Akuma is is ‘slowing down time’ so to speak with his raging demon and it looks like and sounds like Jill is taking the hits. He is able to do the raging demon over and over because once it hits the wall it like auto resets.

Joo had something similar in his vol. 11 using a snapback to cause some slow down in the beggining of the video.

Looks like he just fanned it out in this clip to see how many hits he could get off that cyc assist.

It’s basically Sent flys up to get on the left side of gouki, sent calls cyclops assist. akuma calls jill assist and busts out the raging demons. they don’t hit sent. cause he’s flying (obviously) jill takes hits and akuma can keep on raging.

I kind of want to know this too.


He can use his super


It’s reasons like these that to me, MvC2 is one of the greatest fighting games ever developed. It entertains people on so many different levels and to see that nearly ten years after its release, new stuff is still being discovered and created, especially when programmable controllers are involved, really is quite amazing…


Yeah, Marvel is amazing when it comes to replay value. Regarding the Cyclops193 video, strictly speaking, it’s not 193 hit mega optic blast. It’s maybe like 189 I think…Still, it’s 170 more hits than normal.


Posted Captain Commando Psylocke and Doom combo by Joo.


Uploaded Ruby84 [media=youtube]PJqiRMtNY3Q[/media]

Combo done by joo along time ago. This was before he had programmable controllers. Meaning that he did this combo by hand.

god, there is like nothing to talk about other than the stuff that joo hasn’t released. With a game this old, the only new content that can be found is with programmable controllers. Unless people started asking quesitons about the technical properties behind some of the concepts presented, there isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said by Maj, ECZangief or myself.


snapback matches
part 1

part 2


^ Stop spamming those matches everywhere. LOL


i got 3 more threads to post them in… lol


This is joo’s main excel sheet (in html form).

It’s amazing that something like this can be even DONE for a video game. Really makes you appreciate how much information and possibilities exist in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. And this is just for solo-combos with minor assists. Makes you wonder what’s still possible with multiple characters being on-screen at once. I can’t tell what all his writings say but that’s his main idea workbook. The rest are purely data results and programmable pad sequences for his stuff.


Sorry, only works with beams.

You totally forgot to mention that Joo SPECIFICALLY created this combo for me, by my request. :smiley:

There’s another 2 of these as well.

You never saw the Excel sheet for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, did you? That shit (sheet) was made by God himself. It was also an interactive sheet and I recall it being the thing which brings the inspiration to the soul. :smiley:

So drop your openoffice and go learn some macros!

BTW, Happy NU Year!! It is the thing that requires the celebration of the coming of (the) new time of the year 2010.


i really cannot contemplate the hard work that goes into these videos. like, i watch it, and im like, how, what, when, why did you even think to do that. lol.