Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


All right, less than a month to go. I’ll probably start releasing some info of what I can in the upcoming weeks.


ive been checking out these clips again recently, i cant wait for the final~!


So hype!, i cant wait for this to come out! …!


Joo’s “GCR Warp”. This is a folder full of different results from using one glitch setup. He always tests everyone when there is a new idea found. These were the interesting ones.




So I’ve been thinking of how I’m going to post the DVD up. Capcomunity might get enough people to see it that Zach’s site will crash. After all, it’s going to be about 10 gigabytes.

I was thinking of releasing it in 2 tiers. First, the people who PM me and the Premium Members (not like any of them really play Marvel2, but whatever).

Second, the people here on SRK and the people from Capcomunity/the rest of the Internet. I recognized how much influence Capcomunity has when they posted the DVD preview. So hopefully many of you act and PM me when the DVD is finished/uploaded.

Finally, I’ll post it on Youtube a few days after the DVD iso is public. I’d rather people see the DVD combos in that - a DVD. However, it WILL go on Youtube cause if not, someone will upload it and get a bunch of hits without linking to all the necessary info about it. This thing is amazing, the amount of work we did on the explanations is amazing, I think it deserves proper exposure.


Sounds cool. I agree it should get proper exposure. I mean this is the marvel video of ALL marvel videos.

Did you ever think about selling it as a dvd. not necessarily to make money, but if someone paid for the cost of the disc + shipping they could get it? I think you did that with your Dhalsim video. If not, you better believe i’m going to PM you and try and get in on the first downloading of this.


bring me one this fri/sat. thanks see you there. ill buy you dinner. we even. DVD format so it runs on a dvd player. not a file that I have to put in my PC on a dvd disc.


arrrrrrrrg u should start taking order now lol … i def wanna be the first in getting it!


So this DVD will be free? if I read the first post correctly

When it’s finished, can I get a copy of it sent to my house?


when its ready hit me up magnetro ill be looking forward to watching all this! or do i pm you?


I want to be the 1st one to watch lol.


**I can start accepting PMs now. **So PM me and I’ll add you to the list. I think you can “reply all” at once so there is no real order in PMs.

I won’t send it to people’s addresses, I’ll send you a link to it. If I were to burn it, I’d need to buy dual-layer DVDs which are expensive. Shipping too.

Again, it’s going to be ~10GBs, so just be patient. After all, how many combo videos are as big as this?


PM sent!



Joo sent me other stuff to put up. They’re basically the ideas/attacks of some characters during the A2-Counter bug.


don’t forget my copy if you want dinner


Don’t trip Magnetro. I’ll buy a few of those so you can give them to who you think deserve it.


I appreciate you trying to take a shot at MMDS, but Joo was going to send me a signed copy when we finish it. Everyone else can just DL it or watch it on youtube.


Some of these were hilarious


I don’t think he was… or was he?

BHK, were you? Have you joined our insiders club?