Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


So how bout I come over with my 500gb external hard drive and some wings to get it in person =P


Do we need a password to get access to the torrent?

Is the password MvC2> My mother?


Ok. It’s <cantputenoughemphasis>FINALLY</cantputenoughemphasis> done.

Joo going out of character:

He’s had that name since like August.


Si se puede! MvC2 is at evo this year because of this DVD. Time to make a combo vid for evo now.


YES GOOD FUCKING SHIT magnetro joo and others


can’t wait for the video


wasn’t he like that when he was drinking?


Good shit to Joo and Magnetro for THE GREATEST COMBO VIDEO COMPILATION OF ALL TIME. Cant wait to see marvel truly at its best :tup:


I will probably jizz myself when i get this thing. Who wouldn’t?


I’ve watched the trailer for this at least five times, can’t wait


I look forward to see how far you guys push the engine :slight_smile:


We already have this DVD in the blackmarket. =]


i hate you dont tell me this when i’m really really really wanting to see this




Hahaha …


L…O…L? (?)


Would Joo ever consider doing vids for ps3/xbox versions of Marvel? Those games are kind of wonky already, I am sure he can come up with some good stuff.


to my knowledge theres very few interesting NEW things, just less old things


He wanted to do one for the PS2 version at one point, but opted not to. He has no interest in PS3/360. He wants a PS3 to play FF13, though.


The lucky bastard already has it. I’m still waiting for it to come out here…


sounds about like us compared with other people.


hey MIX, haven’t talked to you in a while. Are you going to the Florida tourney this summer??