Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


k. well, everything is finished…waiting for capcom now.


great DVD! very well explained combos



well when you release it that is lol


Ugh, this wait is KILLING me.


thank you sir :smiley:


I hate you for having it already. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to get this?



Anything on there we haven’t seen already?


Downloading it right now…wish I had a faster connection!


I sent PMs to people who PMed me a while ago with the link.

It’ll be public shortly.

Please do not disclose information about the DVD in the meantime.


more proof that you’re a waste of forum space. stupid question considering the source of the work here.

What a mind blowing dvd,Ii cannot thank magnetro and joo enough for the quality of this. Simply amazing work.

The explanation sections were extremely well done as well. 11/10 *bows


Hey magnetro!.. Thanks very Much Downloding right now! looking foward to watch this DVD!!!
I will donate when i get myv paycheck@ thaks so much!


Its that orgasmic, mixup? Damn, can’t wait to see it.


Epic DVD is Epic. Can’t thank you guys enough for this. I’ll be studying this for a while.


I donated some moneyz for all the work put into this. Can’t wait to watch when I get home.


Hey I pm’ed you back then! Oh well I can wait if necessary.



where do we donate to?


GODLIKE as expected

I need to rewatch and watch more of the explanation vids. Simply the combos themselves would’ve been great. But adding the system explanations and combo explanations was just +++. the BGM was not bad either.


All right, it’ll be posted on Capcomunity/my website on Monday (the 22nd).

The trailer is also posted on Capcom-Unity.

3 more days!


Ya, like the guy in the $10,000 suit is gonna watch some trailer when the real thing hits shelves in 3 days. CMON!


My name is judge.