Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


Interesting question. Personally, I’d be interested in the evolution of a single combo. It would be awesome to see what might inspire a particular combo, and then seeing the different iterations of the idea over time, and finally the finished product.



I just got it:


OK, I asked him to capture video for whichever combos he wants to show. I’m pretty sure it’ll be Cyke56, Ryu27 and Chunli60. All of which are seen in the [media=youtube]XAE781xmHLc"[/media].


not gonna be done by december =/

i’ll probably start posting his neta clips on my site/here though.


All right, another neta clip has been posted


joo gave me eta on when he wants the dvd to be done by. as in, he doesnt want to work on it anymore after 1/31/10.




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What is neta? Magneta?


I thought it was a “neat” typo at first, but now I don’t know…


Joo says that neta has many meanings. It basically ranges from “a little something that isn’t up to par with the rest of the clips” to scrapped content. Similar to the word ‘extra’.


added Cyclops66, it’s like the one in DVDPreview but it has an extra SJGC combo at the start of it.


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FGD will give more exposure to the DVD than the MvC2 sub-forum.


I think there’s a whole lot of magnetro mixed in the translation.

calling the masses idiots not worthy of appreciating these videos sounds like something he would say rather than joo.

and as for it being pronounced joe instead of jew, fuck you david, you call him jew too.

now that we know he didn’t want to share these videos with the rest and david calling him jew…it just kinda makes you wonder if it’s some sort of nickname magnetro has for him.



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early x-mas present for mmds


that mother fucker celebrates Kwanzaa. He expects six more of these before January puto.


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So Magnetro, you said you will eventually upload the entire DVD?


you guys lost me. stupid thread. don’t bump til dvd. sorry daveed

teach me spanish puto


If he wants to sell it, Imma buy it.


Yes, as an ISO…or two if it’s too big and on youtube <-- tho this might take a week extra to organize and stuff.

If I don’t bump the thread anymore, people won’t get to see anymore clips from **joo. **

He’s not going to sell it. It’s free.