Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


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Let’s raise the level of discussion a bit shall we?

What is your favorite combo in all of the Meikyousisui series? By favorite i mean, which one is the most memorable for you?

Meikyousisui Volume 1

Meikyousisui Volume 2

Meikyousisui Volume 3

Meikyousisui Volume 4

Meikyousisui Volume 5

Meikyousisui Volume 6

Meikyousisui Volume 7

Meikyousisui Volume 8

Meikyousisui Volume 9

Meikyousisui Volume 10

Meikyousisui Volume 11

If you have any questions regarding your favorite combo, post them and I’ll answer what I can.


Posted Seed0307. He made this back in 2003


tutorial on how to do 0:49-0:53


Im guessing you mean the Captain Commando thing.


The dummy can’t be hit while standing for a short amount of time after the Raging Demon finishes. Bison’s assist OTGs Sentinel and Akuma does 236+PP, however, Sentinel is invincible for a short time so he is able to fly behind Akuma without being hit. In the case of Seed0307, Captain Commando went into block animation, but there was no hit stop from the super. As a result, Captain Commando was able to cancel out his block animation directly into the Captain Corridor.


Magnetro: my all time favorite is Volume 6… =)


Yep, a lot of people like that one for its editing. It’s still a really good video (for the editing and combos).

I wanted to talk about some stuff from the [media=youtube]XAE781xmHLc#t=1m1s"[/media]. The part of the relaunch is possible by hand. When I first saw that combo, I tried to do the relaunch for a bit. The hardest part is figuring out which teleport is used so that she can follow up. Eventually I found that it was the LP-Teleport that Spiral used to go up there. From there, it’s just timing. Speed-up is necessary in order to bring the dummy down. I still think it’s one of the most visually impressive combos I’ve ever seen.


Off the top of my head, my favorites are the Wolverine combo at the end of Meik 7, the Anakaris combo in Meik 8, and my #1 from the proper Meikyousisui series is definitely the Venom/Gief Support Assist combo on Roll in Vol. 11.

Oh, and by ‘off the top of my head’ I mean based on having just watched them all again. I need to watch the the DVD teasers again to see if anything tops these.


For me, what constitutes a really good combo in a video usually is when something that I didn’t know worked is showcased within the combo. But I remember watching the Meikyousisui Vol. 2 when it came out and watching that fucken Omega Red combo a million times @.@ Omega Red is probably my favorite character in Marvel and I used to play him a ton, but that combo alone had 6 things in particular that I didn’t know were possible:

0:56 - air combo to coil, falling with a jab and rejumping with jab to continue the combo

0:57 - switching sides so that Omega’s back is to the corner

1:00 - air combo down into infinite

1:03 - coil, throw down, then OTG with a falling jab wowow

1:04 - st jab st strong juggling

1:06 - coil infinite, still no fucken clue how you do this

Yeah this combo is still my favorite to this day. Looking forward to the DVD when it’s released.



Man, this DVD is free?I never imagined all that goodness could be free…now it is truly priceless.

As for my favorite Meikyo Sisui combo, I can’t comment, I have only watched up to maybe 4 at the moment. But I do like the combo he did with Hayato in I think 3, Hayato was one of my dudes when I played Marvel years ago and it’s nice to see something so good from him despite his low-tier status


Volume 4: One of my favorite combos is the Cable combo, though it looks pretty typical and it’s been done over and over in other combo vids. This combo starts get interesting @ 1:54.

I love how he jumps up with a super jump fierce to make him fall quicker and follows with another fierce on the way down followed by a stun grenade.

Then @ 2:00 he juggles Doom with a Doom assist followed by 3 jumping fierces. Juggling at it’s best (minus infinites).

Volume 6: I particularly like the Guile 8 sonic boom combo, thought it was pretty clever how he used the spacing and how tight the timing was. Also, love the editing of the Servebot/Sabretooth/Gambit combo. Who would’ve thought the opponent would get dizzy? Genius I say, ending it with the 3 kinetic cards xxx Royal Flush, then cut!

Volume 7: Charlie/Thanos/Psylocke combo, I was highly impressed by the fact Joo was able to call out the Thanos assist TWICE, cuz the first one didn’t connect yet. Beautifully done.

Doom Combo starting @ 2:54 where he calls out the Spiral assist twice again!
The magneto combo in there was also impressive.

Volume 8: the Son son combo where he does the s.rh twice @ 4:04 was superb. Not to mention the juggling with his uppercut. Too fucking good!

Volume 9: Iron man Combo @ 3:35 he does smart bomb, one connects, @ 3:37, the second one connects. Timing must be so crucial, much respect on that.


Yeah, Hayato has some truly unique combos that employ a lot of engine mechanics. He doesn’t look like any of the big four in terms of combos. His stuff is all plasma series and engine mechanics. Joo is going to be ordering the dvd combos in alphabetical order. However, the ones that have more than combo will be ordered by how much he likes them. So for instance, Cyclops has like 7 combos, his favorite one is the one that is partly shown in the DVD preview. As such, it’s going to be the last Cyclops combo shown. This method of ordering gives people an insight into what he thinks is cool. So for the Hayato combo, it’s interesting to see which one he thinks is cool.

Yeah, that was interesting to see, still, there is a lot more Cable-Doom stuff that’s possible. A Japanese player by the name Mosh put out a small Cable-Doom video. It’s nothing but cable-doom stuff pretty much.

Im really amazed that he got the perfect spacing for Servbot and Gambit’s supers. Gambits super had to juggle exactly three times at the exact right spot. I really like the editing too. Everything matched up just right.

Oh yeah! One of the very first things I asked joo when I met him was how he did that combo. Back then I wasn’t aware exactly why the screen was moving like that. He kind of shows it at the beginning. Anyway, i always love seeing double assist stuff like that. In volume four, he showed the concept of being able to call out multiple assists in one combo if you dhc into them before they hit. So he called out Vega’s delayed explosion fireball, then before it hit in the combo, he dhced into Vega so when it hit, it didnt count as an assist. Strictly speaking, it counted as Vega’s attack.

The thing I never realized about the Doom-Spiral combo was that since spiral was offscreen when her assist was present, she left faster after she recovered. THis allowed doom to call her again. Apparently, if she wasn’t offscreen, doom wouldnt be able to call her again because the animation of her leaving would be enough time for the swords to hit. So since she is offscreen during th ecombo, she goes back instanlty, doing away with like 12 frames of animation.

The DVD version of this combo is so amazing. It’s probably my favorite one. There is so much amazing stuff in that combo. Everything is logically pieced together so that the combo is as long as possible. There are no wasted inputs. Seriously amazing stuff. Still, the volume8-version of the combo is crazy. The wall kick follow up and the late hitting uppecut are really creative.

Another possible favorite combo. Again, the DVD version of this combo has way more stuff I had no idea was possible. I really like that idea, using the proportional spacing during flight to get stuff to combo.


So I get the impression this is going to be online only. Will there, in fact, be a DVD or no?


you misunderstood the combo. its the one where characters are doing moves in the air.

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Yes, it’ll be a downloadable DVD ISO and it’ll also be on Youtube. I should change the first post.

Ohh ok.

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first post updated

Also, regarding positioning. This is what separates difficult and extremely difficult games.

Since marvel has air combos with basically no limitations, programming something very amazing is very difficult to do.

My favorite example of this is the DVD Preview combo of [media=youtube]XAE781xmHLc#t=2m1s"[/media]

Chun-Li even calls Colossus assist to keep Juggernaut from falling away from her J.LP’s range! THe craziest thing is that Colossus doesn’t even hit. This allowed her to continue her combo into the corner and call Hulk’s Y assist to hit Juggernaut back up while she corner jumped.

Sometimes, just the positioning working out at the end or at a specific point of the combo is an amazing feat in itself. There is also a lot of interesting links and what not occurring.

Programming all this stuff frame by frame gives you that freedom, however, frame by frame means thousands of variables to test. So coming back to the Meikyousisui series, I would suggest peopole watch them again and see the crazy positioning in some of the combos from 8-11.

[media=youtube]aHH4jXFO89E#t=3m55s"[/media]Thanos was called so that Chunli’s S.HK would break Juggernaut’s super armor. However, since it’s not a comob, thanos doesn’t count.


It’s very easy for a long mvc2 combo to cause an eyes glaze over reaction from me, where my brain can’t keep track all the things going on and stops working. So I’m grateful for the explanation videos you’re doing. Will they be part of the dvd iso or just a playlist on youtube?


its nice that you right all this but very sad that 99% of people reading it don’t give a shit (ya i cussed, bookmark it) or don’t know what you are talking about. you and joo mama spend so much time on explaining it which sucks because only 1% care. I can even name the 1%, you, me, joo, fanatiq, BB Hood, and BHK.

The rest of the community will ignore it or post their thought even though deep down they don’t know what they are talking about.

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