Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD. Coming Very Soon


There are only 600 Marvel players in the world? Damn, how many copies of MvC2HDRemix are you people buying?


^-- i thought that was still secret?


Actually, serious players, then the DVD is for about 10% of the players. (thats 60 players david)
All players including XBL and PSN, then its about 0.25% of the players (thats 2400 players david, dont hurt yourself)

You should know what I’m talkin about Maj, you’re in the combo video scene. Your work is so brilliant and under-appreciated. Just look at your quote in Magnetro’s sig. Its 100% true.

Shot lav videoner gasheenes toon

^I just wrote that to make magnetro mad , hope you understand what i wrote maj^


You can count me too. I seriously appreciate what Joo and Magnetro are doing for the marvel community.


I give a shit.
even though i dont understand some of it I love reading things about how they work (and I might be left scratching my head even after a text explanation or an explanation video but its cool that’s part of the appeal) and watching the combo videos that are made. really works of art. and I appreciate the posts and videos with the info/explanations a lot. not to mention I appreciate the combo videos themselves. :tup:

don’t always have to understand to appreciate. i might not be able appreciate on the same level y’all do, but I still appreciate this.


I think the explanation vids (on how programming combos are done) will be more universal (well, within the small microcosm of gamers). I’m sure 99% of people aren’t hyped about this video, but much more than 1% will have their heads blown off when it hits - the Meikyousisui series isn’t even really well known in the Marvel community AFAIK, but if someone hears about a free 3 hour+ MvC2 DVD dropping, I think enough people will appreciate it…as long as they don’t have to feel like watching all the footage at once is a must, I guess.


I think that’s a big part of why Vol.6 is one of the most popular. Cuz even the OG people had to give props. I remember the week that video came out, gilley told omni he was gonna learn MvC2.

Of course it never happened because Ghostbusters but still, the point is yeah.


Comment removed to protect the innocent.


I always enjoyed seeing game mechanics being toyed with, especially for mvc2. This game’s combo possibilities seem endless and never cease to amaze. I used to appreciate the flashy combos and what not just for the fact that the combos were kool and long.

Just recently I got into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and discovered the technical game mechanic aspect of it. Watching a few glitch videos, discovering a few, and documenting them, I felt a deep appreciation for how much the game can do, and how interesting the coding works. I believe Joo was working on the only Meikyousisui video they had for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that supposedly had a DVD but is probably more rare than PS2 copies of mvc2 at gamestop. I deeply was impressed with the serious depth Joo and the other team members went into as to using all the links/glitches/bugs to further the combo possibilities. The fact that he got so far into the games engine to do something that the JJBA community didn’t think/know was possible was amazing. It may be a lot to ask coming from a nobody here on the forums, but if you can relay my message Magnetro, I’d greatly appreciate it. Sorry for the tangent as well, just whenever I hear/see Jojo’s…


Well it goes beyond the people who are actually really expecting this DVD.

I wanted to see this done and since Joo wanted to as well, I decided to make it since no one else would/could.

When it’s done, it’ll always be there forever, so people can see something THAT complicated and intricate whenever they are able to see it. So if someone just watches the combos without the explanations, a year or something from now they might get more interested and those videos will be there. So it doesn’t just have to be MvC2 players, like I said, most people will just watch the combos and PROBABLY STILL ask for how things are done without even watching the explanation videos, but that’s OK – people don’t know any better. That’s why I wanted to put that video of how to program a Programmable-Pad combo inside of the DVD so that people have a better chance to see just how complicated the stuff is on a day to day basis. That’ll give them a better level of appreciation for what joo/maj/me do – but mostly joo.

RE: Jojo, yeah i told joo the day I read your post, he said thank you.


well my work here is done as seen above


Man, that’s a tough one. I mean, MOST of art is like that, isn’t it? I would say the majority of people out there who are fans of something really TRULY don’t understand it. And I’m talking people who like paintings, people who like music, people who like comics, people who like movies, etc. etc.

What I’m trying to get at is, jsut because most of the community won’t appreciate it enough, the few people that WILL appreciate it make it worth it. And the larger portion of the community that at least will bat an eye and go, “Hmm… that’s cool!” will also make it worth it.

Yeah, there are a lot of people who will respond “Who the fuck cares?” or “You guys need a life” or “Wha–? Huh?”, but then… this video isn’t aimed at them. What Joo seems to be attempting here is really treating MvC2, its engine, and its limitations, as an expression of art. And regardless if 1% of the people get it or not, I think it’s admirable that someone out there (Magnetro) appreciates it and can explain all the intricacies.

  • James


I barely understand anything in those videos, but I have sooo much respect for what you guys are doing. Everyone should.


Yeah basically this. I mean, in spite of my lack of knowledge of the MvC2 engine, stemming from my lack of interest in MvC2 as a competitive game, I’ve always really appreciated the things you can do in the game. I remember being blown away a few years back the first time I saw a combo with Zangief assist walking out and whiffing a throw on someone in hitstun just to keep positioning. The kind of creativity, forethought, and attention to detail that went into that just blew me away, and I always love to hear about it. In the same way, I’ve been watching the sonichurricane SF4 vids and reading about them in spite of not liking that game, because I appreciate the amount of thought and effort that goes into these kind of things, and it’s fun to see something interesting done with the game, instead of just DP>FADC>ultra.



This is what got me into watching the rest of the Meikyou series - yeah frankly it was because I thirsted for more JoJo (luckily we recently got that Vodka glitch video) and was just baffled by the trailer…It showed me how much you can bend the laws of any game, and it made me more interested in art/combo, JJBA, this newfangled Meikyousisui (subsequently MvC2 vids).

Was also nice to see some people, even if halfway across the globe, were still enamored with the game.

Also where the hell is that DVD? I’ll pay so many monies.

…but yeah I mean I don’t frequent SRK much but MegamanDS, are you…some kind of quasi-troll that’s become a punchline or everybody’s friend who gets ragged on a lot?


Why does MMDS keep trolling this thread? And why Magnetro keeps playing along is beyond me.

Also, explanation is good enough, if you don’t want to watch it, then download the already posted version of the DVD in nicodouga.

I convinced joo to give me the RAW footage so i could make a proper BluRay disc.

Joo made a Jojo video. Masala, original meik vid editor, created his own, he was doing a DVD and that got cancelled. It doesn’t exist, to the public at least. :wink:

Back in 2000, when SRK illegally posted Vol.3 on the front page as ‘yuta combo video’ and they had no idea what they were doing, users were amazed by the quality of the combos, and i still remember the og marvel heads discussing that video on the pages of the forum, they were like: “HOW DID HE COMBO THAT SHIT WITH CAPAM” and people didn’t have a clue about it. It was remarkable.


I agree 100% which is why I think it sucks (not the dvd, but the situation). I just feel bad. I’m happy that they’re doing it but I guess its really big of Joo to give to the community in such monsterous ways


Two things that always bothered me about the combo video scene were elitism and demanding respect. This thread is already bordering on both. Can we please not go there for once?

Yes, it is annoying that our videos get more comments on youtube and eventhubs than on fucking SRK but you can’t force these things. Personally i can’t imagine what it would take for this DVD not to end up with 200k-500k views/downloads.

If people like what you’re doing, eventually they’ll get around to taking a second look and/or showing their appreciation. Youtube is a community built on nothing but videos so is it really so surprising that they have a culture of commenting on videos? SRK is built on competition and drama, so most of the posting here is reserved for money match hype.

It is what it is dudes.



^^ ha, thanks. I didn’t get that either.

And I also agree with the bigger picture too: yes, there’s going to be a small percentage who appreciate Joo’s opus for what it is-- the culmination of the vast amount time and the special blend of his will-power and both his analytical and abstract approach to the technical aspects of the game that made it possible for him to turn what is a competitive fighting game for most into what is effectively a sandbox game and artistic outlet for him.

The rest are just going to see cool combos, which is really what they are anyway. The only difference is that the people that “get it” just know that this is the product of years of exploration. I don’t see this as a problem.

For me personally, the importance and impact of Joo’s videos have gone through an evolution that more or less mirrors my growing understanding of the Marvel 2 game engine over time. At first, I saw the Meik videos like most people are going to-- a really impressive showcase of what is actually possible with the combo system. I didn’t understand the nuts and bolts guts of the exploits he was making in each combo, but I still thought they were damn cool and made it a point to keep an eye out for more. Eventually, I took a utilitarian approach to his videos and spent a LOT of time thinking about which small elements of his combos I could replicate and begin using in my own game. This was key IMO to coming to grips with just how special Joo’s body of work is. Here I was, wrestling for hours with one small piece from an extravagant combo that makes up 1% of one single combo from one of his videos. But it was still great fun, and with each 1% that I digested I got a better idea of what his approach to fighting games is all about.

As a result of spending some time with Joo’s videos, I’ve realized the power of the PPAD as an exploratory tool. IMO this is where the majority of viewers are going to differ from Joo, Magnetro, Maj, Eidrian, JChensor, VegaOmega and other combo people. You have to study a situation in a game for years to learn what you can about it in an hour with a Program Pad. Branching out from there, there’s a whole world that’s opened up comprised of things that are impossible to learn w/o a PPAD. Joo exists in that world-- he’s immersed himself so deep into the realm of frame data and exacting positioning that his Marvel is completely different than any other persons. 99% of other players aren’t able to decipher more than a layer or two deep into the elegant and complex situations he crafts, because they can’t visualize the game broken down to the degree that Joo had to in order to gain an understanding of the plethora of variables at work. Only once you attempt for hours to program the most basic of sequences can you really appreciate the time it took to arrive at the level of quality and complexity present in Joo’s combos-- but all that said-- even the casual observer can recognize how COOL THEY ARE.

It’s true across the board that the more you focus in on a single area of a larger phenomenon, the more abstract the concepts and the smaller the body of peers who can really appreciate the level of mastery present. Kinda like watching an 8 minute Doom 2 Rocket Jumping video on youtube. I don’t understand it, but it’s still a lot of fun, so I wouldn’t really dwell on the fact that most people won’t “get it” on the deeper levels, because everyone will get how much fun it is to look at.


Heh yeah. The scariest form of trolling is the one where you can’t tell if the person is trolling.

Anyway, at Evo2k9 there were a few people asking joo questions about his videos. “How do you come up with combos?” came up, and it made me think of how obscure this type of stuff is. So like I mentioned before, there is a 50% chance that we’ll be able to include a demonstration video or something small to show the process that he goes through for making his stuff. It’ll give everyone who doesn’t understand but respects it insight on the method.

There is no easy way to get everyone to realize how crazy this thing is, with all the mediocre threads on FGD, there is no way to mark this one different. There is no universal color that means “AMAZING” etc. Only way is to get this exposed to all the SF4kids and people curious about “something like this”. So in the end, MMDS is ahead of his time again, it’s sad that the situation is what it is (way to prove you point), but oh well. At this point, it’s all about personal satisfaction, or like James Chen said, those few people who are on your level have some kind of positive effect.