Joo's MvC2 Combo DVD...Preview

There really isn’t much to say, joo’s been working on a DVD full of his best combos for every character since 2003, that means every volume he’s made isn’t his best at all. The DVD is supposed to be finished sometime in '08. Joo’s so tight on free time he didn’t have the chance to make a proper sample/preview video so it’s just 3:45 of some of his best combos.


Oh, and the other thing: joo found out how bad the mvc2 community is when it comes to combos and decided he might not release the DVD to the general public as he only wants the people that can appreciate his work to watch it.

Thx for posting, I only watched up to the servbot combo (@ work (._.’ ) ) but i’m more than impressed already. Can’t wait to finish.

The mvc2 community is bad?!?!

i see his point. When it comes down to it, we really only care if the combo does damage that’s worth it by a character thats usable.

Great video. I’m glad that it’s going back to old school combos without all the glitches/bugs stuff. Just good old fashioned execution that are actually on main characters and not assists.

Sad to hear that he isn’t releasing the DVD to the general public. I don’t really get the reasoning though. He should release it to America only since the MvC2 community is still thriving while in Japan, the MvC2 community is dead.

That was pretty incredible. that Iceman combo = my favorite combo to date.

I had wondered if he stopped working on it, but it’s cool to hear it’s ALMOST done.

that was amazing man, i’d love to see the rest

that amingo shit had me going “ZOMG”

Very nice video. I liked the Dhalsim one; reminds me of Magnetro

Too nice… That venom combo was the shit.

Really nice.

What’s the name of the track btw?

all of those were sick. too bad they damage scale a lot. but those were still insane.


I concur. Sick ass combos.

Loved that Omega Red joint. Comboing off the blade of the Flash Kick. Had me wondering did I just see what I just saw.

I can’t wait for the whole thing.

Apparently winning is a bad thing now…

I think he meant bad as in “we don’t appreciate all the crazy shit in these vids unless they’re top tier chars”.

/\ I think he was joking

I don’t think it’s really a fair claim. I’m sure that half of the people would think it’s hella tight.

And the other half are probably huge assholes, which is just about par for internet message boards.