Joplin MO Thread!


I know there may be a Joplin thread but it seems dead. It’s time for a new gen Joplin thread, if any of you guys live in joplin or near joplin(webb city, carthage, etc.) and play please let me know! If we get enough traction we can put together weekly get togethers or something! Let’s do this guys. Post what you play mostly as well.


Previous Joplin thread has been dead for years. I’m trash but I live in Pittsburg.


Hey that’s alright, i’m fairly new myself, do you mean Pittsburg Kansas? Or Missouri?


Kansas. You might try making a Facebook group. There is one for trading games in called Joplin Game Swap ( but they don’t have any kind of meet ups. At least not as far as I know.


Sweet, I requested to join! Thanks for the info drop.


I still play occasionally, but I haven’t taken it seriously in far too long. that said i’m always down for meeting new local heads and playing some fighting games. i’ll check in to this thread now and again and if you wanna play, let me know. still a few of us who get together randomly


Your friends in Indiana are hosting a Street Fighter, Marvel, and Smash tourney in just under a month. Please take a look and consider! :slight_smile:


I’m down to stomp some noobs. Always.


You guys know of any good places that would be open for get togethers for weekly tourneys?


We’re gonna start having get togethers in the near future. I’d use the other thread, its what people will check.


Tournament at Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch, TN coming up on May 18th, make your plans now!

SFAE2012, Injustice, and UMVC3!!!