José 'Cheo' Feliciano Dies In A Car Accident


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rican salsa legend Cheo Feliciano died in a car accident early Thursday, prompting the governor of the U.S. territory to declare three days of mourning.

Feliciano, a member of the Fania All Stars, was one of the most recognized salsa singers, with hits including “Una en un millón,” ''Mi promesa," and “Contigo aprendi.”

The 78-year-old Feliciano was alone in his Jaguar when he hit a light post before dawn in the northern suburb of Cupey. Police officer Jorge Hernandez Pena, who is overseeing investigation of the crash, said in a phone interview that Feliciano was not wearing his seatbelt.


Holy shit damn. Rip one of the great voices of Salsa. Because PR can’t be having enough of a shitty week as is.


Puerto Rico will give any event a “day of mourning” label just to take a day off. I still remember when I lived there for a while, they had 5 days off in one month. Wtf? I wish we had that in the main land.


You realize that this is one of THE voices of Salsa, right? It’ll be the same way of Andy Montañez dies. God forbid any part of your dumb ass was PR in anything but name only.


RIP, its gonna be a sad day when the OG Fania Allstars are all gone. :sad:


Marquez dying today means a lot more to me. Shove your expectations of “being Puerto Rican” up your stupid ass.


^ eat shit and die, fucking commoner


The expectation that you should know some things about a culture you identify as? Such a high expectation of being Puerto Rican that’s oppressing you there, buddy.


This and the dead of GGM make this day terrible :shake:


RIP Cheo, and RIP GGM :frowning:


meh Mexicans


I don’t expect people from SRK to care or understand anything trying to be discussed here.

R.I.P Cheo. One of the greatest.


Well that really sucks :(.

So much tragedy going on lately.


Sad. But the Fania All Stars are all getting up there in age. Jose lived a good long life. RIP one of the great voices of Salsa.