**Josh Wigfall shot in shoulder**

Josh “Wiganator” Wigfall has been shot in the shoulder this past Saturday in Jamaca, queens. The bullet missed his lung by a few inches. He is ok but cant move his arm that well, and is doing physical therepy. So for all MVC2 and 3S ECCXI questions will take him some time to responded to or ill try and answer them and any new money matches he is not aware of he will prob accept just give him a lil time. Hes not done playin and always comes back when hes down n out.

Everyone wish him well and hope he has a great recovery.

:sweat: Hope you recover quickly Josh. :sweat:

WTF. i met the dude back at MWC2k5. real chill cat. hope everything works out.

DAMN! that’s crazy… Get well soon!


OH shit the first ever marvel drive by…na just trying to bring a little humor to this, i hope he recovers fast, he is a good marvel player, it would suck if he would stop playing because of this.

Get well soon Josh, hopefully you have a quick and full recovery.

Damn, get well.

for an asshole scrub who used to go to tournaments just to yell shit like die fag at me, the fucker should have been shot in the face. rip assfuck hope you rot in hell, maybe the guy who shot your worthless ass will get it right next time.

Shit man, now you can be a rapper lets get this cake my nigga!

On the real tho, get well asap.


anyway I can’t believe someone would shoot at him. I haven’t talked to him or anything but he seemed hella fuckin cool when I saw him playing Marvel or just chillin around waiting for his matches at Evo and Texas Showdown. In any event I hope he gets well soon so he can play Marvel again.

Or maybe next time you can say it to his face next time you see him.

I would watch what you say…seriously. :confused:

best wishes from australia josh

Get well soon.

damn yo if i see you ill fucking punch you in your face myself for saying that fucked up shit…

Anyway, like conflicts ive only seen him playing marvel never really got to talk to the guy but alot of people said he was mad cool. hope he gets better :wink:

WTF in Queens? I have to go by Jamacia just about everyday to get to class.:sweat:

Anyway, here’s hpoing Josh will get better real soon.

Best Wishes and get well soon!

That’s some fucked up shit.

Rest up, get well.

Get well soon Josh!

get well soon josh! =D

Dips wish you the best. Take Care. <3