Josh's House (?) Tournament in Ohio (GGXX, SNK, misc. games) - Fall/Winter 2007

(edited a bit from my willvo post…)

Well, everybody, I have thought about this for a long time and finally decided to start planning it out.

Sometime late this year (a little while after EVO, at least), I wish to hold a weekend-long, multi-game tournament. Now, this will be an unusual event in a couple ways:

  1. The game lineup. I plan on featuring Naruto GNT4 (or maybe the Wii GNT3 if that ends up being good) and Accent Core as the Main Events (since those communities are very strong in the midwest), with a variety of lesser-played titles for side tournaments. NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Hokuto no Ken, Melty Blood, Monster, TMNT Tournament Fighters, pretty much anything is possible!

  2. More importantly…this tournament will raise money for a charity/organization of my choosing. I have not decided which one yet, but am researching to make sure I pick a good one.

With this in mind, I have some questions to ask:

  • When would a good date be? Maybe October sometime since that’s before holiday season? I want to get the best overall turnout possible!

  • What would be a good way to record matches? I want tourney matches from every game on Youtube, plus money matches should any arise. I already have one VCR, but that’s not enough amirite?

  • How should I go about raising the money to be donated? I have two ideas at this point - add an extra 10% charge on top of the entry fee for each game (i.e. $5 + $0.50), or charge a one-time fee ($10?) for all players. Do either of these sound good, or are there other possibilities?

  • Regarding the lineup…I’m trying to pick games that can draw decent numbers and (more importantly) quality competition. I really like NGBC and KOFXI since, at the very least, I know North Carolina isn’t insanely far from here, and Dark Geese sounds crazy enough to come all the way out here. =P Most of the GGXX people like Hokuto no Ken as well, so that should do well. Soul Calibur II would be fun with Illiniowa (HeartNana and his friends). 3rd Strike, perhaps…any suggestions, community? I can tell you that Marvel & CvS2 aren’t very likely, and am trying to go for more obscure games as you can see…

  • Right now, I’m thinking that we hold the two main games on Saturday (obviously), with others on Fri & Sun. Maybe we could fit more stuff in Sat as well, depending on equipment…how many out there could donate stuff?

  • If I can get the number of people that I hope for, my house may not be enough for this. Can anyone offer advice about finding a venue, if need be? Now, IF we can fit everyone in my house, then you’ll be in for a real treat - a nice and clean place to stay, and some of the best home cooking ever! Ask popoblo if you don’t believe me, he’s been here for a weekend tourney before and can vouch for everything. =)

  • How much to charge for tourneys? $10 for the main events, $5 for side tourneys? Or more?

  • Here’s one last idea…how about keeping track of total points, ranbat-style, for placings in all games? The top overall finishers would receive special prizes of my choosing. Yes, Dan, just like the UFGT days! =D

I’m sure there will be more to consider as time goes on, but this is plenty to start with. I’ve never done this before, I’m not gonna lie, but I will pull it off!

Thank you very much,

Hey count me in for this!!! I’m surely down for doing this!!!

Using a VCR etc to put videos up for what I know works fine…the videos are cheap to use also.

Naruto bigger than Capcom anygame in the Midwest? err. OH doesn’t have many tourneys so I don’t think chucking major games like Marvel/3s/DR for weird stuff is a good idea. At least rep the main stuff first and foremost. OH & the surrounding states have trouble enough getting decent numbers for the popular games, let alone SNK, which is basically unplayed at tourney level outside of very specific regions (i.e. not around here).

Sounds cool, I think Chris Rose used to have tourneys at his place and it ran pretty well.

We have sometime in Oct tentatively set for the second Season’s Beatings though.

where in Ohio do you live?

Yo Josh I have to go. I have to play you in Naruto gnt4.