Jotaro Kujo Avitar request

Hi people, I was wondering if someone would be nice enough to make an avitar for me of Jotaro from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure out of the 2 pictures I have (I’ll upload the second in a following post). As for the bachground, just my name and some 3D rendered bg, ah who am I kidding. I’m sure you guys have done this enough. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me out. :pleased:

Here’s the other image. Once again, thanks in advance. :china:

dude , GET ME a STar PLATINUM BLAZING FIST ON <insert poor victim character> and JOTARO’s TAUNTING …SPRITES

i’ve been wanting a jojo avatar for damn years …

So, anyone gonna help me out? Anything would be appreciated.

not really sure as to what you mean by 3d rendered bg, i wouldve thought the jo pic would be the bg and the sprite as the main focus

your not by any chance from toronto are you? I know i’ve seen your name at

lol, yup thats me. I would have thought the chibi Specineff avitar would give it away. I’m not from toronto but I know Flyer, Velocity_7 and VR7. Anyways, as for 3D rendered, I mean something like the one here:

no clue who the V’s are, I just know flyer. I don’t know how to do those kinda things so nm, but if I may ask, where’d you get the chibi? is there a cypher one by any chance?

Yes there is, but I’m a mean person and don’t feel like uploading it. :arazz:

whatever works for ya

So, anyone willing to help me out?


OMG, thanks for taking the time to do this. :china: