Joudan ex to denjin setups

Does anyone know any good setups?

How about this… (with full meter),, joudan ex, s.fierce x short hurrican kick (whiff), s.fierce (blocked), shoryuken xx denjin?

i was thinking the extra damange/stun would pay off, opposed to x hurricane kick, denjin setup off knockdown. anyone think it’s worth it?

Hmm interesting theory. When playing Denjin I don’t use Ex moves quite as much as I do when I use Shinkuu. And if I do use Ex Joudan I always follow it up with a fierce Shoryuken/Roundhouse Hurricane Kick (for damage). That gives you a good amount of bar back but not enough for a Denjin. If you think limiting the damage from your Ex Joudan combo is worth the Denjin setup you get out of it, go for it, seems like a decent idea.

EX Joudan into any normal that gets cancelled into a whiffed tatsu usually just gets me thrown. I’d much rather do whatever into ex donkey, s.hp, then just dash into xx shoryu xx denjin.

yeah, doesn’t the HP reset them? if it does, then i think the whiffed tatsumaki would get countered quick. a denjin charging at pointblank can be easily avoided by grabbing the charger, regardless of whether ryu launches it first or not.

even if they don’t counter, they’re so close to you that you either get 2 hits max or you get hit trying to charge further. instead of 2 hits denjin, i would rather do a shoryuken, dash up and setup a denjin/wake-up game from there.

i like your theory, but i’m not even sure if those hits are enough to recharge the bar back to full. i don’t think joudan is that great for denjin setups though because the EX knocks off some bar, and the rest of them knock them across the screen. i think joudan without ex is meant to knock opponents into the corner so you can play with them while messing with their heads and getting hits in. at EX joudan, i think a fierce shoryuken is fine, unless you’re feeling confident, you can do HP, dash up and throw.

as far as denjin setups, anything leading into LP shoryuken or MK tatsukami works wonders for me. also another one that worked REALLY well with me was c.LK > c.LP > c.LK > Hadouken xx Shoryuken. i also do neutral grab > dash back > hadouken xx denjin or back throw > dash x2 > hadouken > denjin. i do a lot more, but those are the most useful ones based on my personal experience.

protip for denjin, don’t always launch it as soon as they wake up. they’ll see the denjin is gonna come by seeing you charge. you can take advantage of this. i often wait for them to wake up, and THEN launch it. they press forward and whiff a parry and eat a denjin. or you can toss a slow hadouken before the denjin, and right before the hadouken is about to be parried, toss it, and the denjin goes passed the hadouken and hits first. either they won’t see it coming because they were planning to parry the hadouken first, or theyll parry the denjin and the hadouken messed them up and lets the rest of the denjin hit. nice to see more denjin users out here though =)

Juggling with close st. Fierce (HP) or cr. HP x short(LK) tatsu (hurricane), after EX Joudan, is one of the sickest, ambiguous set-ups. If done with full meter, a blocked/hit cr. forward (MK), or close st. MK/HP/MP x srk will bring the meter back to MAX and you’ll be able to cancel in to denjin*. But i think the HP x short tatsu is also good because you are put right next to your opponent for a free mixup (Ex. high/low/throw/back dash, etc.) and depending on what point you juggle the opponent with HP, the timing will change. You can get a timing where you have a few frames in advantage, or time it so you and your opponent land at the same time. To get used to the timing, go to parry training, (select Ryu SAIII and Ryu and set SA gauge to MAX) and set the dummy recording to hold up (for a continuous jump) after about a second of the timer has passed; that way, you have time to start off with an EX Joudan. Next, press start and select parry training. Do the EX Joudan, and juggle with HP x LK tatsu. Immediately after the tatsu, hold up on your controller to see if your character or the computer jumps first. The computer will jump as soon as it recovers, provided you held up long enough in the recording. Finally, adjust your timing of when you HP until your character jumps first.

*Note: You do need to add the LK whiffed tatsu in to have the right amount of meter to cancel into denjin if opponent blocks cr.MK/cl. st. MK x srk

Here are some other meter notes that may be helpful-

Blocked cr. MK, or close st. MK/MP/HP x srk xx denjin set-ups after finishing an EX Joudan with:

HK tatsu - will result in MAX meter allowing cancel into denjin

HP srk - will result in 99% meter, so no denjin will come out unless one meter building move is used before (ex. cr.MP)

HK Joudan - will result in 99% meter, " "

st. Fierce(HP)/st.Roundhouse (HK) - will result in 98% meter, " "

Meter gained from attacking (SAIII only):

Jab/short strong/forward fierce/roundhouse

Whiff 0% 2% 3%

block 1% 6% 10%

hit 2% 11% 18%

throw: 8%
taunt: 4%
shoryuken: whiff-3% blocked-14% hit-20%

so, for example, a blocked crouching forward xx shoryuken will result in 20% meter gained.
another example could be if the crouching forward xx shoryuken hits, then 31% bar will be filled.
-44% meter is required to build 1st EX amount in SAIII, or 12 cr./st.MPs

whoa all that is super useful. i wasn’t aware of ever using the joudan like that, so i never used it so much. i love mixing up though, and if this gives me an extra oppurtunity to mix-up/denjin-setup, then consider it in my frequenting arsenal =P

hmm… what do you mean “not scaled”, i’m not sure what it means in this context.
does this formula mean that after you stun them via denjin, you can potentially whiff 4 c.MPs, and then jump in with j.HP > s.HP > EX Joudan? since 4 whiffed c.MPs give you 8%, and you get 18% from each HP, which gives you 44% i believe. i’ll try it out and see how it goes…

btw Flare, what part of NY do you live in? maybe we can get a few matches of 3s =P

yeah you understood what i meant, but I actually wrote the wrong thing. Meter is scaled in combos, its just the more hits in the combo, the more the meter gained from each consecutive hit “scales,” or decreases in percentage.
Rizhall, there is going to be another ranbat at CTF this Sat. There is free entry, so, hope to see you there.

i’m pretty sure the opponent always has advantage after the whiffed hurricane , i remember testing this set up a while back.

one set up i do like with the ex jourdan is on chun li, hp/, ex joudan, lk hurricane (hit), rh hurricane (whiff), as chun is getting up, chain into dragon punchXX denjin. works well on her cause she takes so long to get up. and 3 hits of denjin will stun her.

Hmm, I need to test this more.

I originally tested on Ken, but it seems that characters fall at different speeds. So this might be really good against some like necro who falls slowly. Must get to work. :looney:

Messed around a bit, and I found that after the joudan you’ll recover quicker if the fist from the fierce hits at the tip at the highest point your opponent is falling. I actually started using d. fierce instead of c.fierce. Btw, c.fwd into srk doesn’t build enough meter for the denjin…but a fierce x srk xx denjin works.

you guys would save a lot of time if you just read flare’s first post.