Journey of a TigerLord: Meditation

So for those of you who don’t know, I have been going around to different character boards creating challenge threads. I make the thread then fight opponents. I gather data on the match-up and learn all that I can then when I feel like the match has been explored, I do a write up from both char’s perspective. I also post the matches online in a play list. Here is a list of all the match-up threads so far and their respective video playlists as well. - - - YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. - - -

Thoughts? Opinions? Wanna see a certain character? I didn’t put the guy matches online so I can always re-challenge those guys and get sum matches up there.

I will update this post as I do more Journey threads and post more vids.

Good shit, looking forward to learning more about the match ups with the new characters.

Great matches Very excited. hope more videos can come out and i can be in them lol :wink:

I’ve already been watching these. Very informative, even though your sagat style is different than mine (to say nothing of your level of skill in playing him, which is impressive)

Anyway, keep posting em and I’ll keep watching em. Good stuff

Awesome stuff EL, that Guile matchup is something i was really looking forward to. How bout a Bison one next?

Great videos, I’d be interested in seeing some matches vs Dhalsim and vs Abel.

Couldn’t agree more.It would be great to see EL’s thoughts on these two match ups in ssf4

Hmm…umm…there’s actually a blog with all of his thoughts and what not on the matchups as he does his write ups. It’s all concise and in one spot. Or Blog, I should say.

Sagat Matchup Series - Up Your Game

Juri data is going to be uploaded later tonight.

Also feel free to ask me any questions in this thread as well.

Yeah,already read those!Excellent write ups.Btw EL,do u know any blockstrings ending in a safe tigerknee against abel?His strange(big?) hit box and the nerfing to the tigerknees gives me big trouble when i want to apply pressure

I never really TK stringed Abel that match in Vanilla for just that reason, but lemme hie the lab real quick and see what I come up with.

I asked the following question on your blog, but if you’d like questions asked here:

So there’s something I’m not understanding in your write ups. You talk about EX TU being better than AS TU, but why choose one? Their damage stacks, eh?

To put it even more plainly: ex TU with AS stocked does more than ex TU alone. No?

So you wanna use 2 bars for only 240 when you could nail ex tu twice in two separate intervals for 400 damage total?

TK strings for Abel are as follows. These are done point blank btw., st.rh xx x 3, xx x 2, st.lp, xx

Generally i’d like to execute one move for a lot of damage rather than having to execute two moves for even more damage, yes–first, because the opportunity for the second move may not arise, and second, because I may not successfully execute it.

It’s kind of like the bird in hand theory, or something like the “time value of money” if you’re familiar with that finance concept.

(this probably isn’t the best place to start this conversation, actually, since this is about matchups)

It’s an uppercut though. Sagat isn’t going to exactly have a very hard time forcing jump ins to land those. I just don’t think AC EX TU is worth it. Heck normal AC TU is BARELY worth it and even that’s questionable.

Thankx EL for the immediate answer!I really like the last block string,i ll add it to my play style against some abels who are giving me trouble lately :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll throw a request out there:

Matches against some heavy rushdown character like…Cammy maybe? Sakura is another good one.

I’d like like to see Bison and Vega. Bison more so.

As far as the thread goes this is really great. It’s like a really in depth match-up thread with sepcific examples instead of the usual theory fighter that gets thrown around.

He has a few vs Vega matches in the Up Your Game Channel. Search EmblemLord Vega in the channel.

i think those are vanilla matches. those rules dont apply as much.