Journey of a TigerLord - Vs. Sakura

“Continue to follow that man and you will one day become a fearsome warrior. Never give up your dream child.”

Hello Sakura forums. I will cut to the chase. This is a challenge thread unlike any you have known. This is how it works. I am issuing a formal challenge to the Sakura community with this thread. I’m inviting any Sakuras to challenge me on PSN that want to learn the Sagat match. I do this for the benefit of the Sagat and Sakura communities. So what’s in it for you? After about a week of playing, learning, observing and absorbing knowledge I will do a write up detailing the match from basically every angle and both chars perspectives. How their moves interact, their overall goals and how they try to keep one another from accomplishing those goals.

I’m doing this for some personal reasons too of course. I keep losing to Chris G’s and I feel I need to get more comfortable with the match as well as what to do at mid range and containing her in general.

Now I personally only play on PSN. My tag is EmblemLord and I live on the east coast of the USA in New Jersey to be specific. I’m usually on at night time around 8 pm EST. I will play anyone regardless of skill level and will give positive criticism after matches with anyone I play and I hope anyone that fights me would do the same for me.

I think I’ll invite other Sagats to partake in this so they can get experience too though I’ll be the one to write the final match analysis.

I look forward to many great games and learning alot from this community.

Well, if you’re willing to play all types, then I’m game. Usually on from around 7:30 onwards GMT

EDIT: Forgot to put down PSN: Pesara

Come on you American PSN Sakuras. Do it for the community :stuck_out_tongue:

EmblemLord, I’m game to play you. I asked for a few matches in the UYG IRC but you were busy. Speaking of which, I don’t see you in there any more lol.

PSN is chaoslimits. I’ll send you a message when I get home tonight.

Edit: I’m in NJ (close to NYC) so the connection should be good.

I’m home now if anyone is down to play.

Message sent.

Yeah going down now just finished dinner.

GG’d chaoslimits.

As far as what you should be doing offensively with vortex you seem to have it down. Not gonna comment. Sometimes you baited after a reset, sometimes you went for more pressure, sometimes you went for the ambiguous jump in. All good shit. Keep it up and keep your opponent guessing.

For getting in you did pretty well too. Safest thing though is just to walk in and be ready to FA a shot on reaction. Don’t show your FA, just wait till Sagat throws the shot at you then FA dash through it. You probably won’t get a punish but w/e at least ur in. From long range I definitely wanna see more FAing shots to build free revenge. As good as Sagat is I think that’s a huge exploitation in his char design that enough people take advantage of. The man gives you free revenge. Take advantage of that. You mixed up your jumpins well with different timing tatsus or sumtimes you did raw jump ins. Sooner or later you will have to jump and there is no real advice one can give other then try to feel it out. Sumtimes it worked sumtimes it didn’t and in this match that’s just par for the course.

In terms of footsies you did well. I saw st.rh,, and sweep. All good buttons. I would say try to sweep a bit more since Gats best buttons are standing normals for the most part so you may have an easier time trying to catch his legs and get those safe jumps going.

I feel the time Sakura puts Sagat in the danger zone is mid range just beyond her range. She has several options here and if Sagat throws a shot and gets caught he is in for alot of hurt. Any of her buttons are strong here for counter poking or making Sagat not want to throw a shot. is especially good since you can buffer into shouken or a tatsu. Tatsu can be a strong mid range tool. They can fly over shots and net a free combo. She has her own hadouken is a poke as well, which can catch limbs from Sagat. And you could just ignore footsies all together call a button Sagat was going to do and jump in. FA is also an option just be careful as Sagat is notorious for blowing up FA attempts.

My only real criticisms would be I wanna see more tatsu loop combos though I know this is more difficult online. Be more careful with FAing so much because once again Sagat blows it up badly so you don’t want to overuse it. I caught you with alot which is Sagat’s best button and mk TK alot as well which is a strong mid range tool for Sagat. Just watch out for those and work on spacing to bait TK and try to figure out which of your buttons can stuff or punish it though it’s very hard to whiff punish it.

I would love to see more st.lp walk down pressure. jab jab walk up a bit jab walk up jab etc. Can easily mix in overheads, low fierce or stand fierce as a tech trap, or just tick throw.

I think that’s all I have for now. We will def play more later.

Yeah this part sucks online. The number of times I’ve dropped a tatsu loop by frame to eat tiger uppercut > FADC > ultra is more than I can count at this point, if I’m not feeling confident on that particular night I’d rather just do one tatsu into cr.hp > h.shou for the knockdown. I will say that vs. Sagat, honestly if you used nothing but mixed shots,, and a dp here and there you can lame out Sak incredibly easily. It’s nice to fight Sagats who will actually be aggressive and make a fight out of it. The using more sweeps advice is solid, I’ve been able to sweep under pokes really often(now I just need to learn to safejump properly).

Was messing around in the lab. Sak’s is good vs Sagat’s Risk vs reward favors you if they trade. Her own is also nice and I think it does more damage crazy i know.

Really good anti technology is just buffered into shouken. Can catch that leg really easily and now you netted sum nice damage and a knockdown.

Thanks EL; really appreciate the points.

  1. I realized, quickly, that you weren’t gonna bite on the safe jumps. You did wake throw on the very first attempt (and I got thrown). I’m not good at jump in OS tech > block string yet; I tend to get thrown most of the time.
  2. You dp’d some of my hk tatsus on reaction :o ; made me use them a lot less predictably. Dat reaction!
  3. Honestly, I feel like tatsu loops are not too good vs Sagat. I prefer to go for the knock down and do ambiguous jump-ins. We have a good connection so I could and should have gone for more damaging combos (loops and shou FADC combos). Next time.
  4. I got hit by a LOT of shots; you’re really good with changing them up.

I noticed that you got a little riskier as the games went on. It worked cos I started getting a little frustrated and had to slow it down (take a bit between matches). You made really amazing reads on when to dp (pressure and limbs).
You’re throw game is a little predictable though. I’m not sure you threw me very much. Also, I was expecting a dp to blow up my cr. techs but that didn’t happen too often.

Thanks for the other tips; I’ll def work them into my game. Definitely need to tighten up my game and level up. I’m good to play after work and weekends if I don’t go to the office :’(

As far as not throwing alot I tend to go for tech traps when I’m on offense because I kow os tech is ingrained in the minds of mid level players and above so the moment I know I’m playing someone that knows how to use their char I’m apt to fore go throwing and just attempt the trap. Same thing with TU FADC even when I have the meter. I would much rather not rely on that option when I know I can do it with my normals. It is a great option, but if I’m training I probably won’t do it most of the time when I have the meter, but I think I should get in the habit of doing it.

The reactions, well thanks yeah I train for them. Every day I go to practice mode vs a few diff chars and record that char doing a common move that is used at mid range. Adon doing JK, Chun doing Hazanshu, Dee jay sliding, etc. Stuff I know is well within the realm of human ability to punish on reaction and I just train till I know I can tag it with an uppercut.

I’ll even turn the music off and the sound up so I recognize the attack purely by sound. I close my eyes when I do that. No joke. Guess it payed off if you noticed it.

We can play more tonight if you want. I should be on around the same time and I’m only working my one job so I’ll probably play longer this since I won’t be as tired. That’s the only reason I left though we still played a good amount of games.

Hmmm. I always wondered if I could counter those kind of moves by listening to the sound; seems like I respond quicker to sound. I guess there’s my answer. Good shit.

I would play you if the connection were good enough. Although I get the best connection vs. East Coast players, it’s usually never better than 2 bars, so. =/

Record matches please :slight_smile:

LOLOL!! Chaoslimits. Check it. Guess who lives in NJ? You. Guess who also lives in NJ. Me.

Wanna set something up offline? I get off work at 2 today and unless I go over my girls later I’ll be free after 2pm.

Assuming you still live in NJ of course. BTW make sure you upload those matches to youtube so people can give criticism. Maybe you already did it but I searched youtube and didn’t find anything. :frowning:

Would like to see vids of these matches too! One of sakura’s tougher matchups imo.

I play if you ever catch me on. My account is Hornett_

I’m in West Orange NJ. I’ll upload the matches tonight; my laptop was being a pain last night. I work pretty long hours. I typically work 9 to 9 and frequent weekends but would be interested in some offline action (never played offline) :frowning: .

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We can try to get an offline session on Sunday. My only full day off. I have two jobs and I work from 5 am to about 6:30pm.