Journey of a TigerLord - Vs. Yang

“So you have a twin brother? Someone to grow stronger with and surpass your limits as a warrior? chuckle I also have someone like that.”

What’s crackin Yang forums? This is a challenge thread. It goes down like this. I issued a formal challenge to all PSN Yang players by making this thread. I invite you all to play me and learn the match-up of Sagat vs Yang for the good of both communities. I will play sets vs anyone interested and put up vids of those sets with the help of my associates from UYG (up-your-game, check out our facebook group!/groups/XUpYourGameX/) I won’t post a ton of matches from each set. Prolly 3 to 5 unless the set was really good or I felt the set could serve as really great learning material.

After about a week, I will do a very in-depth write-up of the match from both perspectives and it will be in extreme detail. I’m talking what to do at footsie range, long range, overall strategy, the works. This is beneficial for not only both char communities but for me and anyone that plays me as we learn the match together.

I live in NJ of the USA and this is PSN only. If you know your connection with me will suck please do not take me up on the challenge. It wil do no one any good to play matches with alot of latency.

My PSN is EmblemLord and I’m usually free from 5pm EST to whenever I decide to go to sleep. Weekends I usually don’t do a damn thing so feel free to hit me up then.

Looking forward to lots of fun matches and hope we learn alot together guys.

^ This should happen everywhere in SRK. Good initiative sir, but too bad that I am on XBL.

Yo. Let’s do a FT50 or something. I’m serous.


I…I don’t know if I have the stamina for such a thing.

Just do it, EL. At least you’ll learn the matchup extensively which is what we’re all looking for. Man up.

Excuse me for asking, but what is an FT50?

First to 50 Wins

I’d love to see this if it actually happens and is uploaded. The best Sagat on the forums vs the most creative and intelligent Yang on the forums. This would be a great match.

It’s not like a challenge or anything. First to 50 is definitely just a training session. We don’t have to do 50 though. I just wanna grind out the match. I find it difficult.

I’d be willing to play. I’m not the best Yang around but I’ve been putting in work for him daily. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link up for the first Yang on the Sagat Matchup Studies. (Kind of long overdue but still)…

Sagat Vs Yang Matchup Studies

Ultra 1 in the first 2 games against sagat.Wtf?lol.
Too many dropped combos from the yang player and almost non existent mixups.And sagat was mashing tiger uppercuts like there was no tomorrow lmao.
Anyway i guess there are more coming because you can not do an in depth write up only from these matches

Edit:Just saw it was the first yang so there are more coming.Can’t wait for the next ones and the final conclusions of this study

please note that a majority of these matches are not in regards to who is a better player but mainly with both players testing out strategies and pokes in the midst of battle. This is basically more of a testing ground in actual combat and then coming back to review what particular poke/strategy favored whom and what was punished repeatedly. And for the forum to get together and help optimistically criticize the gameplay.

(Yes, that just happens to be the first match series).

In theory, Yang should be able to do cr.lp,, well on Sagat as well as, in terms of frame traps. For pokes, if Sagat is throwing a bunch of cr.kicks, Yang’s has a disjointed hitbox and probably would work well to catch them. I wonder if Yang can combo into rekkas off a CH (Similar to Fei).

I would play, but I’m awful.

Is this still going on with your research?

No idea why that yang always opened up with palm and kept jumping when he was in c. lk/lp range.

ha i thought i recognized your GT from somewhere, i rambled across you in ranked matches the other day. werd.

i watched 45 seconds of the first video and turned it off. Why the hell was this guy repeatedly jumping at sagat. EL, if you still want to play sagat vs yang and can get a hold of an xbox, add me on xbl: KillaCammyLV

Reading ftw.

nem, i can read fine, but holding up forward to test if you can be dp’d time and time again seems a little redundant. Since you seem to feel my post was not helpful, i will provide some matchup knowledge that i ahve found during my experience with this match.

Obviously the goal of this match is to safely get passed the fireball and overall zoning barrage. TK’s, RH, dps and kara dp’s will be your biggest obstacles to get around so patience is key and timing/spacing is everything. Writing anything more then that about how to get in on sagat isnt exactly helpful as it all depends who you are playing against. Your dp is great for getting around fb’s as well as a divekick on a predicted or obvious/bad fb. Also will lower your hitbox and cause a tk to whiff if you time it correctly.

Once you managed to knock sagat down or even corner him, you can actually start harassing him. on his wakeup needs to VERY specifically timed or else you will eat a reversal dp. A higher lk divekick as demonstrated by HAV in one of his earlier videos will make the dp whiff and force sagat to have to block, setting up a block string, command grab, throw, or ch setup.

Since sagat doesnt have the fastest normals you can bug him with rekka a far bit which can lead into some CH setups ( rekka rekka then walk back and do a This works better once hes cornered but still viable mid screen.