Journey of a TigerLord - Vs. Yun

“Hmm, you are quite strong, but very brash as well. You remind me of myself in my younger days.”

Hello, Yun forums. This is a challenge thread unlike any you have ever known or seen before. What I am here to do is help increase the level of play and understanding not just for those that play me, but for both the Yun community and the Sagat community. It goes down like this. I play anyone and everyone that is willing to play me. Some of those matches will be posted on youtube or I suppose you could follow me on the replay channel and recieve direct updates on whatever replays I save for this study. As matches get played and posted I will also offer up my critiques on what I think people need to work on not just in this match, but for their gameplay in general. Since the matches are posted here I expect you all will also be eager to help one another by offering up your own commentary on the matches and gameplay as well.

After about a week or so when I feel enough match-up data has been gathered I will do an extensive write-up on the match from both chars perspective. Detailing their options and how both chars interact during footsies, wake-up, long range and more.

This is truly a win/win for both char communities and anyone that decides to participate. So help me, help the community guys.

My tag is EmblemLord. I live in New Jersey on the east coast of the USA. This is PSN only. This study is for Sagat vs Yun only. I’m usually available during the weekends at almost anytime and during the evenings on weekdays.

Lets work together to make this fun and learn alot together!

Sounds good, I see you around the gfaqs chat room all the time. Only problem is that I’m from the west coast Canada, still wanna give it a shot?

Bit too far. Will be one bar for sure so the matches may be fun, but they won’t be anything worth learning from unfortunately.

always trying to improve, so i’m down, emblem your already on my friend list

First of 3 Yun players to accept the TigerLord Challenge. Keep in mind that this is a series of 5 matches each from all players. The point is not to judge the person whom is playing the character but to analyze certain aspects and setups that both players utilized during the course of the game(s) and how the Yun/Sagat community can benefit and capitalize from them.
Sagat Vs Yun Matchup Studies

Nem you are a god among men.

But yeah guys I’ll give my critiques on these matches later tonight and give advice on how to improve. Feel free to critique me though and help out your fellow Yun players. Just make sure the criticism is constructive if you do decide to give it.

In this match up, meter helps Yun tremendously cause of the ex.shoulder for getting in. I noticed Azure was jumping in from full screen which is not a good idea due to Yun’s low jump arc.
Also, I’m interested in knowing what options Sagat/Yun has after a blocked Lp.shoulder.

Man EL your Sagat is still scary!

Speaking for my matches, I missed a lot of whiff punishes in the set which would have probably turned some matches around.

But I’m excited to see what you have to say about them.

for me it was very hard to get in on your sagat, and it didn’t help that when i did i dropped alot of combos and missed punishes. and i’m pretty sure i miss aimed a few dive kicks.

To the person inquiring about the blocked lp shoulder from Yun: Sagat can super to punish a blocked shoulder. Chun can probably do it too actually.

I’ve been aware of that since yesterday, saw it on one of the match videos and decided to check out the frame data on Sagat’s super, never knew it could come out as fast as 1 frame.
What I meant was, what can Sagat do to prevent Yun from abusing the shoulder loop other than going for an uppercut. I had been abusing that until recently cause the Sagat who I usually play with kicked me out of it with a st.rh, so I decided to change it up and try xx lp.shoulder to duck under his st.rh.

I would need to see how big the gap is, but lp shoulder I believe is also the most punishable so he might take a gamble and just TU after he blocks.

I need to check frame data.

Edit: Nope incorrect. It’s the LEAST punishable. Still minus one though so Sagat can jab to w/e, but this must be frame perfect. Not happening online. If Sagat can hit through this then I’m thinking it would have to be a TU or a really well placed jab.

Ok time for me to critique

Vs geneijin a.k.a vertoxz

Not much to say. You knew the match bro. Better then most. Just make sure you are maximizing damage when you get in. Mixing up how you rushdown. Bait when you feel a TU coming and just play smart. Watch your dives and for pressure up close keep them low and watch it so you don’t hit Sagat’s head. Sagat is tall so that will mess up your pressure game with dives. Yun has less hit/block stun on his dives and gat being so tall messes with his dive game. Aim well or pay the price. Master those genei jin combos too. Seems almost blasphemous to have that tag and be a yun player and not have his super combos and set-ups mastered. Also I was catching you with diff zoning setups mainly slow shot combined with kara knees. Not alot of damage but it suits my purpose which is to keep you in check. In situations like that just stay calm and don’t keep trying to avoid gats zoning the same way. Yun has many other options.

Vs. Azure Flame 23

Whooooo. Everything just needs refining. Your rushdown, your decisions, your combos and your punishment game. Combos and damage…w/e that’s just practice mode plain and simple. Being a smarter player means thinking while you play and adapting. Your footsies need ALOT of work too. Your main punish should be low strong x 2 stand strong cancel into dp. Then you get the knockdown and you can start wake-up guessing games and pressure.

Vs. Coos

It was mainly the footsies. Your rushdown was solid and so were your combos although follow-ups after Ultra weren’t connecting. Know your buttons. Yun is more then just damage and dives. He has…COUNTLESS tools. USE THEM!!! I wanna see way more command grab usage too.

General tips across the board

  • For footsies f+hp,, hit confirm into target combo, buffer into lp shoulder, and are all money. hk and f+hp are more preemptive measures to stuff Gats buttons. Well placed dives can also stuff moves in their start up frames. can catch gats legs if he did a standing poke or tried to shot at footsie range. and s,mp into target combo are just gdlk for whiff punishing which is what you will see alot of from Sagat. He uses his buttons as a shield, striking at the air in front of him. If you enter that space then you get stuffed and Gats buttons recover fast so he doesnt put himself at much risk. His footsies serve the purpose of making him a wall. is just damn good at punishing his whiffs even gats though you gotta be fast. Once gat hesitates and begins blocking THAT’S WHEN YOU GET IN HIS ASS!!!

  • For footsies you wanna hang out beyond safe tk range. This will force Sagat to get proactive. He may walk back a bit. Risk a shot in footsies, jump back. Something. Point is he won’t just sit there alot of the time and it makes it easier for you to control the pace of the match.

  • EX lunge up close is a no go imo. Alot of Gat’s buttons will just flat out beat it then you are down one bar for nothing. Don’t do it. Rarely during footsies when you are feeling yourself, but not anymore then that.

  • When Sagat is sitting on full bar Yun’s rushdown becomes extremely limited. TU’s become safe on block, anything that’s -1 or worse is punishable by super and if he’s sitting on Ultra then a bad dive means EX TU to Ultra. So you eat massive damage and Gat only loses one bar of super. In this situation you need to try to get him to waste bar with a TU FADC or just be extremely careful. That means no lazy dives and NO SHOULDER.

  • Yun deals with shots hella easily. FADC for meter and revenge. Duck high shots. Neutral jump then you can choose to dive or not depending on Sagat’s position and if you want to hit the ground faster if that’s more beneficial to you. (It almost always is unless Sagat is going to kara knee or kara tu) Of course shots can be palmed for meter as well. Honestly Yun has more then enough ways to deal with gats zoning. So yun really shouldn’t be eating a ton of shots while making his way in. And when all else fails you can always just walk and block slowly to advance.

  • EX Shoulder while good for blowing past shots is a risk. When blocked Yun is open for punishment. Be careful and don’t overuse it.

  • Ultra 2 plz k thnx bai

  • Master those custom combos when super is activated. I mean…it’s Yun. Need I say more?

  • MORE COMMAND GRAB!!! There can NEVER be enough command grab usage. Remember that.

Ehhhh. I think that’s all unless I think of something else.

Overall Vert was the most solid. He only needs minor adjustments to his game and I’m honestly just a little bit of a stronger player then him combined with it being slightly in Gat’s favor means he took alot of L’s but he did well in regards to the match overall.

This thread is godlike, THX EMBLEM

Here’s the Matchup Study Videos in reference to EmblemLord’s analysis.

I’m actually surprised that this is the first time i’ve read this, and i’m proud of myself for how I played the match up. I picked up on a lot of what you have posted here as the general strategy, after only a match or two. I only used U1 once, and I could instantly tell that it wasn’t going to work. Lol. Can’t wait for your write up on me.

EL thanks for the critique, i will work on all this, i appreciate it bro.

Only watched the matches vs the geneijin dude…what’s with those 200 whiffed TUs? Wanted to kara them but did the wrong input? Also, can’t leave a blocked TC (3 hits) unpunished.

Overall, I was expecting some better stuff.

Still a very nice idea and I learned that blocked shoulder can be punished with super, although I think Gat is better off using those bars for FADCs.

U2 IS better vs sagat, but U1 is always handy…corner cmd grab into xx ex lunge > ultra still does almost 50% on sagat which isn’t bad by any means. Still, Gat is probably one of the only matchups where U2 is actually more usefull than U1.

This isn’t to showcase high level play by any means. It’s really just training matches to learn what to do and not to do and see how both players react in certain situations.

Any particular reason you care about Sagat vs Yun if you do not mind me asking? You are a Gouki player are you not? Unless you pick Gat for counter picking purposes which is perfectly reasonable.