Journey of a TigerLord - Vs. Yun

I still main Gouki, but I’m also playing Yun for fun. I always liked rushdown characters (i was playing cammy next to akuma in super). And Sagat was actually the very first character I picked the day when SF4 came out and I played him for a few months (I was a total scrub at the time, but still…) so I’m also considering him for a counterpicking purpose. From my experience playing WITH Yun I actually think that Sagat is his hardest matchup. Way harder than Gief and marginally harder than Hawk and Fei imho.

Playing Akuma, Yun and Sagat would have all the matchups covered actually

New matches added to the Sagat Matchup List. The new additions are Laswagga’s Yun as well as Acesan87’s Yun. Please review. Also, please note that a majority of these matches are not for who wins or who loses but mainly with both players testing out strategies and pokes in the midst of battle. This is basically more of a testing ground in actual combat and then coming back to review what particular poke/strategy favored whom and what was punished repeatedly.

(Seriously, how many of you actually go back and review your gameplay against your opponent with your opponent?)

Sagat Vs Yun Matchup Studies

Whew ok guys I apologize but as you know EC just had a damn hurricane and I personally have been going to NYC these past few days for job training. But now that’s over with and it’s a beautiful Sunday with nothing to do so I will go over these vids with Laswagga and Acesan.

Laswagga you did well. The best out of everyone thus far. You have a good grasp of Yun. Let’s see what you can work on though.

Honestly it’s not much TOO work on actually. Just tighten everything up and punish harder. None of this jab link garbage. Low strong low strong rh dragon kicks. That’s ur main punish combo. You were on point with reacting to shots with U2. Footsies with really nice. Your choices of buttons and when to press them showed that you were adapting to how I like to control space and when I like to stick out normals. I def wanna see better ways of dealing with shots. Yun has no real issue with shots I promise you. You have tons of options and remember to FA them so you can get free revenge for U2. Your other options are NJ, duck high shots and palm. Honestly Shots are not a real serious issue as long as your reaction and observation skills are on point. But overall good shit Lawagga. shoulder is stupid risk. Any shoulder that’s isn’t lp is a free tu on block. If Sagat has super then Yun isn’t allowed to shoulder at all so remember that.

Up next is Acesan.

What you need to work on has more to do with solid SF fundamentals and less to do with Yun. I’m talking proper blocking, frame traps, knowing how to deal with pressure etc. You were eating alot of low shorts into hit confirms. Things of that nature. You just gotta focus on being solid and not getting hit with nonsense and not doing things like wake-up ultra cuz stuff like that doesn’t make you a stronger player. Also you were very very passive. I didn’t feel threatened even when you got in. Gotta work on your mix-ups.

The Yun stuff…eh just look at my above post from a few days back and thats really wut any Yun should focus on. For you personally learn his buttons and his proper punishes. Master his Genei Jin combos and set-ups. ULTRA 2. ULTRA 2. ULTRA 2. You understand? No? ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I also wanna see more overhead from all Yuns. It’s a solid tool and hops lows so it’s good for beating OS tech.

I also wanna see more frame traps from all Yuns. I know its crazy cuz he can rape blocking just by being Yun but you can’t overlook the fundamentals.

I can use yun! let’s go.