Journey to Competence- Help with getting better at this game

For every Marlinpie; every Justin Wong, there are many people who are ass at this game to some degree. But some people in this group, which I fall into, are not content to fall into the downward spiral of scrubdom - No, some terribad people want to get better at this game. I am creating this thread for people who want to ask questions and get advice in order to get better at this game. This is for bad players wanting to “deal with the stuff that I see pros stuff all the time, but just can’t seem to”, “improve my execution so I can at least to a bloody intermediate BNB for even fairly low execution characters, like Frank or Spencer”, or even “deal with serious flaws in a gameplan that get exploited, but I just can’t figure out how to fix those flaws”.<br>
For this, my first post is going to ask something about execution: can anyone identify easy, intermediate, and advanced combos? This is mostly for trying to improve my execution, so I can move on to progressively harder combos and become better overall. I know combos are all about muscle memory, but I just want fundamental examples so I can understand how to learn harder combos instead of just going: “I just can’t do this. Back to MMHS/BBCS for me!”<div><br></div><div>2/27/13: Rather than start a new thread, I’ve decided to recycle this one. If this violates thread necromancy rules, please tell me and I will start/move to another thread.</div>

Combo difficulty is largely based on the character being used. That being said, I’d classify an “easy” combo as one that doesn’t require tight input timing, simple motions, etc. An intermediate combo would probably involve tighter input timing, harder motions, etc. Lastly, I’d say an advanced combo would involve really tight or unusual input timing, perhaps a few tiger knee motions, etc.

That’s really all I can think of this early into the day.

Of course this is all a matter if personal opinion what might be hard for some may be easy for others.

Wolverine, wesker,hulk,sentinal bnb are easy

Taskmaster, Doom , Spencer are intermidiate

Ironman, Jill, Are hard

Some examples

Here’s how I would categorize the characters in terms of execution. Please note that this isn’t some official tier list or something, lmao.

Easy Execution:
Tronne Bonne
Doctor Strange
Ghost Rider

Rocket Raccoon
Morrigan(Really depends on how you use her though)
Iron Fist
Iron Man
Super Skrull
Viewtiful Joe


I’d start learning the game by messing around with Wesker or someone like that.

I strongly disagree with some of the placements you made in that execution tier list.

And if anyone is looking for a thread containing execution tier lists: Character's Ease of Use

I agree but remember it also has to do with personal opinion and skill

My cousin is godlike with iron man and jill but he cant use doom for shit lol wtf??

Just little things like Dante, Ammy, Strider, Doctor Strange, Phoenix, Zero, etc being in the easy tier while characters like Wolverine, Skrull, Vergil, etc are in the intermediate list.

I guess it is kinda opinionated though.

Oh I definitely agree lol I play wolverine and I admit he is braindead easy damage but he is also a bad ass so i stick with him haha

Well, mostly I meant in reference to the advanced tactics that those characters are capable of in general.

Practice the combo until you can do it. It’s not like there’s some secret technique that will give you master execution or anything. It’s just practice.

Also, anyone who says Dante is easy execution-wise has never actually tried to Bold Cancel. That shit takes ages to master.

If you are new to this game, stick to LMHS MMHS relaunch MMHS hyper. Think more about setups rather than trying to do fanciful combos that wouldn’t matter if you don’t get a hit.

I’m in your position, but I’ll try to offer some input. I usually see basic ground chain > air chain > otg > hyper as a basic combo, with maybe a special or two thrown in. I think things start getting more advanced when air dashes or wave dashing is applied. Also, loops tend to be harder than basic combos.

Yeah, the team you have in your sig seems kind of…off…

Noob to Godlike question. When making a team is it better to make it point/assist/anchor (or mix,max double up the roles) or just make a team designed to exploit certain strategies? I still have a lot to learn to get better but I just think this is a good question.

well if it’s combos you’re concerned about, my method is to start off learning five of them. hit the tutorial modes to find these combos or research online from some of your favorite players. whatever you do, stick to five. then practice those five combos like it’s crack- till the point you rarely mess up or have to think about it. once you feel you’re at that point. practice against fighting opponents. find ways to strategically push your combos on em. i think this part is the hardest part, but it’s also the good part.

I’ll be honest, Combos are pretty easy in general across the board to learn and to execute simply because there are so many tutorial videos online you can literally look at the combos frame for frame and attempt to mimic it yourself. That being said as offensive as this game is I feel that defense is the most important thing.

Its not the fact that the Marlinies and JWongs are doing fancy crossups and mixups, its that their opponent has no idea how to block it. Don’t get me wrong I can’t block em either, but that I feel is as important if not more so than simply memorizing combos. What I’ve been trying to do in my free time is basically pick a commonly used character, say Vergil, as my training dummy. I record him doing some crazy mixups with typical assists (beams, hidden missles, shopping carts) Then i just press play and attempt to block the ambiguous crossups and teleport shenanigans from different locations on the screen. Because of the nature of the assists + teleports I have to block differently in different positions on the screen. Half of the time its a 50/50 guess anyways so you should at least know how to block the mixups hoping you blocked the right way. Just my 2 cents.


I think if you’re just trying to get into the game, it’d be best to make a point/assist/anchor team. Then once you get better you can start coming up with your own stuff.

You put Zero in easy execution. Your post is invalid.

You can be good with him using his basic executional features.

Nah, he’s throwable out of a lot of stuff he does, and he does pretty low damage if you use his basic stuff only. He’s mid to high execution.