Joy Stick issues with dual mod

I am dual modding my second stick currently and all i have hooked up right now are the directions the vcc’s and grounds and the d+ and d- for both ps3 and xbox. I have the usb cable hooked up to the imp and also the guide so i can select ps3 from having the stick set to right stick. So i wanted to lest it and make sure everything was working but it wont respond to xbox and when i plug it into the ps3 i can make it move down but as soon as i let off the stick it shoots all the way back up the menu. I also cant go left or right. Any ideas why this would happen or what I can do. I checked my solders and none of them are touching so im boggeld right now.

Check again. Up is shorted to ground somewhere.

ok ill check it out but shouldnt it still work on xbox though.

You have to hold down some certain combination of buttons to put the Imp into 360 mode, the shorted up is probably interfering with that and causing the Imp to not recognize the 360-mode command.

imp is set for 360 number 1 though would that make a difference. I have checking all the solders on all three chips right now making sure nothing is touching will update and soon as im done want to be thorough

Ok still got the same problem here are some pics maybe they will help you see what im doing wrong.

you need to solder better for starts…

Ouch. You might need to check up on some tutorials on learning how to solder. The wires seem very disorganized and it appears that the stranded wires you have there are not properly tinned, or twisted. I dunno even where to begin to help you out although this may seem like it’s your first time doing this.

Those holes are called “through hole” for a good reason. It looks as if you don’t have a wire stripper and are using 18 gauge wire (too fat).
You should be using 24 or 26 gauge stranded. (solid core can break things)
For tips on soldering technique, You are also supposed to strip the end of the wire, twist it and then solder over it, called "tinning"
Then stick it through the hole all the way to the insulation and solder on the other side. Cut off the excess.

Upon closer inspection, you totally destroyed parts of your cthulhu. Select and Right are fucked, luckily for you you have the A-H and 1-9 holes as a backup.

Why did you bridge that gap over where diode 1 goes?

Red wire is too fat. Not the right gauge for this work.

On SE board too much open wire exposed.

I’m not trying to be mean, but the soldering techique shown will likely cause a problem. Practice on some old ass junk electronics before you come back to this.

lol my soldering sucks balls im retiring after this so just want to get it fixed and never ever touch a solder gun again.

This was my original cthulu that i had in mine before swapping out for the MC one. When i did this the first time to my stick that was in the tutorial. They said the bridge that connection and cover up the USB only. Should I undo that? I really appreciate all the help I know its a mess and most people would just walk away from this but I really appreciate all the help man Really dont want to buy my friend a new fight stick.