Joy stick question

hello all. I’m new to this game and would like to excel in it. I’ve ordered some stuffs to upgrade my HRAP3. But the stock sanwa joystick is a Square gate. I’ve ordered JLF-TP-8YT following a guide. May i know if JLF-TP-8YT is an octagon gate? or a square?

Unless stated otherwise, square.

Why are you ordering a new stick? The HRAP3 has a Sanwa JLF stock.

You want to get a GT-Y octagonal gate, not a whole new JLF.

If you’re new to sticks, just stick to the square gate. The only real reason to use one over a square is if you’re really, really used to old American parts and am having a hard time adapting.

New people are better off spending the time they would take modding their stick and practicing instead.

> my 2 cents

He could get the octo gate just to realize how shitty it is compared to the square gate, worked for me. :lol: Also using the octo gate helped me out with performing circular motions. When I switched back to the square gate it felt a lot easier to use.

thanks for all the advices. i still think i prefer octagon as im having a hard time doing a simple hadouken. whereas on my friends hrap, i have not much problems executing specials. Anyways, thanks forthe helps. :slight_smile:

anyways, would u guys recommend a square or oct gate for beginner training?

Square is stock, so go square.

Using a stick is always awkward at first. Just go practice.

oh, i see, so does the arcades around also use square? cause i wanna pratice and join my friends in the arcade.

Yes, arcades use Square default.

Felt the same way when I got my first stick, now look at me… shamelessly refers you to my Youtube TvC videos ^_~

All done on stick.

In all seriousness though, you’ll get used to it and like the others said, if you’re going for arcades you most definitely want to learn everything on a square gate as it’s the standard in this day and age.

this is probably one huge reason american arcades died. one day the arcade just all changed and i didnt go back


ohh… i see. thanks for the advices. guess ill just have to practice more. it just feels so werid. was trying to do a hadouken and some how it turned into a srk. haha


in the arcades the all the joysticks switched to lollipops, square gates, & weak spring which many people including myself absolutely hate

To claim that is a reason for the downfall of American arcades is basically crazy.

i know a lot of people’s reasoning for not going to the arcades is because of the japanese joysticks. they just straight up quit going. how would that not be a reason? how many americans dont drive manual transmission cars because they dont like it or wont adapt cuz its too hard? laziness? yes

Japanese hardware was not nearly widespread enough in American arcades for that to even be measurable impact in their decline.

its been like that in california bay area since tekken tag tekken 4 era thats around the time they disappeared. and one the biggest complaints i hear amongst fighters is regarding the joystick. added among the other normal reasons with cost and console power. but i may be regional. every casual human i encounter in my area despise the standard japanese joystick