Joy stick wont work

Hi i just got a sawan joystick form lizird licks and the thing will not enter up constly. The little thing that connects to the joystick to make it work keeps sliding out of the 5 little ports in the joystick. What can I do to fix this

Hot glue it into place.

Or just bend a few of the prongs before putting the harness back in place.

How should I bend them with out breaking them. The connecter keeps sliding out and it won’t connect to the prong desined to enter up

I just stick a flathead screwdriver between two prongs and bend it slightly. Alternating: down/up/down/up/down. It provides a little tension so the harness doesn’t keep sliding out.

fuck it who wants a sanwa stick I’ll trade for a Seimitsu

look at the harness connector on both the stick and wiring. does it have a tab that overhangs and keeps you from pushing it on the joystick all the way? if so you can clip it with some cutting pliers or use a razor. then you can slide it on no prob. use some hot glue just in case but it should be okay without

No every things fine its just the fact that the sawana dosenot have that little clip that holds the plug-in still. dude its ok Ill just trade it for a sesimatsu but thanks guys

It is the Mad Catz Wire Harness, not the Sanwa.

Well you do know more them me. I assume Lizred licks has a wire harness. also It works on my orignal joystick but not on the sanwa, but hay like i said you know way more than i do so… i guss your right

Because the Mad Catz Wire Harness was made to work with the Mad Catz Joystick.
The best thing to do, which people would not like to do, is switch out the Wire Harness for the Sanwa JLF-H.

The JLF-H and JLF have the mating JST NH Connectors.
Whereas the Mad Catz Wire Harness does not mate correctly with the JST NH Connector of a Sanwa.

I’m pretty sure you’ll have the same problem with Seimitsu joysticks.

I have a seimitsu LS32 in my madkatz SE, this one doesn’t have the retaining clip either. Also it’s so damn easy to fix it just take a bit of electrical tape or duck/gaffer whatever to hold it there. No need to ragequit on Sanwa joysticks.

Yes, you’ll get same problem with Seimitsu.
That is because both Sanwa and Seimitsu use the same JST NH Connector for Wire Harness and Joystick.


Oh shut up lol. Ok guys I’ll try to tape it if that dosen’t work then Idk I’ll just have to suck it up and do what jdm said

Or just use hot glue…

I don’t want to use hot glue becease I could make a mistake and then I have to be extremly carful removing the glue

bend the prong out, and use a small piece of electrical tape to hold it in place, or duct tape. hot glue will work, but if something goes on when it sets it could be a pain to get off and then re-stick on with more glue.

IMO. You don’t have to bend it out far, just a hair to where it gives it a little more resistance, but stays on. :smiley:

Its not hard to use hot glue i mean really? If you can’t even use hot glue i don’t see how you’re capable of doing anything, You just put the harness in place pull it out just a hair literally a hair place the hot glue ontop push the harness in let it set till its dried prolly put some on the sides too for extra measure like me and put some more on top now don’t go crazy with the glue, If you messup the glue you just peel it off with your finger carefully it can’t screwup your stick unless you put the metal piece of the hot glue gun on something you shouldnt for a period of time