Joy2key? Xpadder? X360ce? All Junk. Use this!


This includes every controller related feature we could possibly want.


Credit/help here:

I stopped using joy2key because it failed to map things that were not on the keyboard… x360ce was nice because it actually mapped the input to an xbox controller rather than simply binding to the keyboard… But recently I’ve been wondering how much input lag that added for me.

I’ll review this option… I hope Capcom adds additional input support directly though…

Let me know what you think, I think it’s the best option.

are there set up guides for specific controllers?

It’s all the same, you set it up per button.

Right but how do I know which button is which. I have 16 buttons to choose from for each input.

Seems like I am missing something.

Hit start and look up “set up USB Game controllers”. Double click on your stick/pad and then hit a button on your stick/pad.

Got it. Thanks.

Yeah, just a good tip in general. I even saved it to my start menu, just useful to check if any controller is being picked up without running a game.

x360ce works without any issues so why should i switch to this program?
whats the benefit here?

I’ve been told it lags but really I just think it’s a pain in the ass to use. You have to set it up on a per-game basis, this just makes your direct input device work as an xinput device across anything that accepts xinput.

youve been told.
i dont get any lags with it. maybe you would like to make a comparison test between these programms to claim your words.

how many games on pc do you have where you need such a program?
but yeah, i agree on you. when its a onetime thing its at least in this regards more confortable then x360ce

Yeah, I mentioned it just cause. I have no backing for the claim.

A lot actually, especially for using GameCube controllers with 3D Sonic games.

narrow minded as i am i of course just thought about sticks and pads for fighting games.

is there at least a test out for this program in term of input delay?

I was using x360ce and I just did a successful test of XOutput.

It feels like there is less lag, but then it could just be a placebo effect.

A comparison of the different programs would be great.

Nope, until they fix direct input I have nothing but the “feels fine” which is bullshit but it’s this or I can’t play.

This program works. Can confirm. No lag at all either. Tested PS3 mode on a Qanba in SFV.

One problem with this program: how do you UNBIND a button and clear it to “none”?
X360CE had a “none” option for a button. This program though, once a button is bound, it remains bound unless you bind it to another button but you cant clear a binding…

Ask this guy:

tried it with a Cthulhu pcb and it’s not working :frowning:

That’s exactly what I use it with!