JOYON Universal Arcade Stick


I found this while surfing through Amazon. It seems pretty interesting that a new company is selling a “no controller” required Universal arcade stick even when a company like Qanba has not. I want to assume they’re using UFBs.

Has anyone heard of JOYON before? Maybe I’ll pick it up out of curiosity.


Wow it even has a touchpad


It even has that Hori style cable compartment door :o


ive seen middle eastern players use that, didnt think they (joyon) would come back. anyway it looks super freaken solid


Has leds for vibration. Really doubt it’s ufb…


Either it’s packing multiple PCBs, or whatever’s in there isn’t a UFB. The stick looks like it’s got Android compatibility, and to my knowledge, the UFB does not have that.


Xbox 360 mode works on Android provided you have proper usb adapter


Has anyone tried this stick out and/or reviewed it? It doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of presence online.


It looks cool, not so fond of the function buttons. I wish they stop doing the cable compartments and opt for a quick disconnect option. I know it’s probably way more expensive but one can dream…