Joypad problems

I’ve used older MAME/kaillera versions and they worked fine with my joypad, but the current accepted version of online play is Mame32, 0.64 - I can’t get my joypad buttons to work on this version. Directional pad seems to work, but no buttons.

I use a PS2 Street Fighter Joypad, with a PS-USB adapter, works great in WinKawaks and older MAME.

I wondered, if anyone had any advice for this up?

In the ‘Options’ pull-down menu, click on ‘Default Options…’, then click on the ‘Controllers’ tab. Make sure ‘Use joystick’ is checked and P1 is set to the correct controller (should only be one option if you have only one controller connected). That’s the best advice I have, and if you’ve alredy done all that, then I have to ask if you’ve pressed tab in-game and setup inputs in the MAME all-game menu?