Joypad vs. Controller

Hey guys. I’m new to competitive play in games like Marvel vs. Capcom, Streetfighter 3rd strike, etc. I focused all my time and effort to Smash Bros. Since SFIV is coming out I wanna give it a shot at competitive play and I was just curious about the joypad vs. a regular controller. I know it depends on the player but I was just curious for everyone else’s opinion. I looked around at some sites and it seems like the joypads are pricy, which means I’ll probably stick to the controller for a while. Anyways, opinions on Joypad vs. Controller?

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  3. What are you even asking?! Those two terms refer to the same thing.

  4. Get an arcade stick.

Gas Pedal vs Flintstones style feet driving

Iam just posting in here to say how much I think the 360 controller sucks for fighting games. IT SUCKS!!

get a stick. controller = swimming with a straight jacket.

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wtf? joypad and controller are essentially the same thing, stupidity to the max.

Hey man, I’ve been playing these games for years. Though I’m not too far from being a noob myself. Here’s the deal.

Fighting games come from an era where Arcades were king. When Street Fighter II came out, the game designers had to find a way to make a fighting game with smooth motion control that simulated progressive gameplay with something as limiting as an arcade joystick.

These arcade boards were intended for things like moving little space ships around. Yet Capcom created motions that were well suited for 8 directional gameplay and found ways to incorporate movesets that are so legendary that it’s hard to imagine a good fighting game without them.

That said here are the specifics on why I feel the arcade stick is better for not only professional players but new players as well.

First off, Street Fighter and many fighting games incorporate the concept of “Going toward my enemy is an offensive posture.” and “Moving away is a defensive posture.” With that said, it is this flow of motion of toward and away that creates the concept of engaging the enemy and blocking the enemy. Unlike games like Mortal Kombat and Smash Bros where you use an independent button to block, in Street Fighter you move away to do so.

This creates flow of battle in any SF game, where players are constantly vying for control of a particular zone on the screen, limited by the fact that by advancing through motion they may be “pressing the advantage” but also allowing themselves to be hurt.

The joystick in this sense is naturally, by design, is created for quick motion in any direction. It allows for input to be moved relatively quickly and allows for one to transfer input without much “commitment” in doing so. He can immediately transfer himself from an offensive posture to a defensive posture without much preplanning. The gamepad player can do this, but he does so at a risk of what’s “safe” for him to do so at that time. The thumb tends to be strong in it’s inclination to dedicate itself to a given amount of pressure, and just doesn’t have the “snap” that a feathery whip of the wrist can.

For example, many pad players can use charge players like Blanka and do their moves relatively easily regardless of Stick or Pad. However they tend to do so only when they have a particular intent to attack fully, or defend fully. Motions like jumping forward with a medium kick, while immediately charging in midair comes with dedication. You tend to rest your thumb with full intent of charging that Blanka Ball or Sonic Boom so when you land you’re ready to fire it. Joystick players do this to.

The difference is, a Joystick player doesn’t have to completely dedicate himself to this charge so readily. If the opportunity arises, he can simply flick the joystick to the front and throw (or tech a throw) the enemy if the opportunity presented itself. In a game like SF3, he could even unleash a very timely “Parry” attack, or a “Repel” in Soul Calibur.

Pad players can do this, but it takes a lot more practice, patience and a bit more psychic intent on their part. Usually, pad player simply find ways to get “around” the weakness of the pad. Becoming proficient with the pad itself, but only proficient because they are aware of what they “CANNOT” do, rather than exploring what they “can” do. It’s in the knowledge of their limitations that they become great pad players. While I feel with practice, and lots of training you will do things on a Joystick that feel like an extension of yourself instead of an extension of your limitations.

Eventually you stop criticizing your lack of execution on that super, or that much needed reversal on things like input lag. You stop “blocking” that hit because you know it’s better than risking a mistimed Dragon Punch… and start Dragon Punching! I know your experience will vary, but this is how I learned to stop looking at my controller as simply a way of pushing buttons to play a game, and a way to transfer my desire, my skills and reflexes into an extension of myself as a gamer.

Bottom line is, the best players in the world use joysticks for fighters. It is in the spirit of competetive fighters and arcade games that they exist. It is in the spirit of the game to be the best you can be. Don’t hold yourself back. Get hype. get a freaking joystick. :slight_smile:

What platform do you plan on playing SF4 on?


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