Joypads in MAME 0.118

I enabled joystick input, but when I start a game and press tab and go to controls to map the joypad controls, the menu doesn’t respond what I press on the joypad buttons. Is there something I need to change in “controller mapping” on the MAME configuration menu? They’re all set to “keyboard” right now, and when I change them all to “joystick”, I can’t even get past the confirmation menus when I start a game (no joystick response). HELP!

use the keyboard…

press the down arrow to got direction, press enter, then move the joystick to the appropriate direction.


If you have input enabled your directions should be mapped automatically, so you don’t need to worry about that…Can you move about in the MAME menu with your controller?

Get to the Input(This game) controls menu in MAME, then highlight the action you want to change e.g P1 button1 and press enter on the keyboard. You should see something like this “<< >>”, now press the button on your controller/joystick that you want to map as P1 button1 and that’s it. If you’re playing Street Fighter, P1 button 1 will be now mapped as “Jab” on your input device. Now repeat the same thing for the rest of your buttons.

It might also be useful to have your controller configured to navigate around the MAME menu…TAB > Input(General) > User Interface.

Hope this helps, but if not, oh well…