Joystick acting up need advice


ive had my eightarc ebony for about a year now, up until now everything has been running smooth until my joysticks top left input causes me to move in that direction while deciding when to jump in random intervals, sometimes instant and sometimes not at all, my question is do i replace my joystick pcb or do i install a new full assembly also what do you guys recommend i upgrade within my stick while i got it open, first time opening any stick so any knowledge on the subject will be much obliged


You could clean the microswitches with contact cleaner, if that falls, replace the pcb assembly (or just the up switch if you can solder).


It seems like a joystick PCB issue. If not, you’ll have to replace the main PCB itself. Given that your stick seems to randomly input both left AND up at various times, I wouldn’t try to replace individual switches.