Joystick annoyance with SSF4AE for PC


Anyone else having a problem in SSF4AE on the PC with buttons “sticking”? Once or twice a night I get my HK button basically stuck and the only way I’ve found to fix it is to close the game and restart it. In training mode when I press 3K all I get is LK and MK.

I have the game linked in Steam and the button I use to open the Steam overlay is the same as the keyboard HK button, but I’ve changed the button config all around and it still has this issue.

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I use a MadCatz TE S if that helps.


I’ve never had that problem. Try a different USB port. You may also want to alt-tab out of the game when it happens, press windows key + r (or just go to start/run) and type in joy.cpl. Click on your controller and go to properties and see if the UI from that screen shows your buttons as being active. It sounds more like an issue with the stick…maybe something similar to the TE’s that have certain buttons that stop working randomly.

You could also install AE on another PC if you have access to one and see if it does it there. Or try it on a console.