Joystick art, need opinions

  1. Plain

  1. Plain with lil photos

  1. Plain with lil photos + banner behind them

don’t know which one to use for joystick =(

Number 1.

Do 2 only if you personally like those photos to the point of obstructing the background image. I think the square boxes at the bottom will clash with the fluidity present in the curves of the background and the circular shape of the buttons and stick.

3 might work better than 2 because the banner subtly separates the bottom images from the main background.

I would go with 1. The square boxes tend to make everything look too clustered.

Thanks guys, I decided I’d go with number 1 !. Shall post image of joystick box in “The I love my custom stick thread” once i get it on

Yea number 1 woulda been my choice.