Joystick art request ( PLEASE! :P)

hello all you skillful, avatar making, background creating, pros!!! been looking for artwork for a new stick im having made and i need some dope artwork asap!! award will be given for the background i choose if someone can make it dope as hell!!

heres what i need :

looking for a good background with the movie commando starring everyones favorite ARNOLD!

example : (bottom pic of the 3)

basically need it to fit on a tekken hrap stick layout so if you can arrange it to have arnold in between stick and button, and have his name and movie name visable.

thanks guys, once again i will hook up the person who gets me this done asap.

LoL. I remember when my hometown said homeless. :cool:

I’d help you out too if I had the shop still.

Help watson out IMM fam!

haha SIIIIICK! i likes the idea

A Tekken 5 stick?

yeah, one of those that come with t5 :slight_smile: sorry forgot to specify, edited now.

PM sent.

PM sent again, let me know if you still want adjustments. Sorry if you don’t like the 6 button layout, it was the only layout I can find.

thanks for the attempts centennial. i know its gonna come out sick!

Sweet I have premium! What can I do with it :L