Joystick Art Request

Well I fanally did it…I got me a stick from DF and the icing on the cake would be to have a kick ass joystick art. The box is 13.5x9 and the template can be found at its american style setup 6 buttons.

Well DF recomended monkeyspank or psychosquall, well as for my design i would like a kick ass black sentinal with a gray background and my name samson on the bottom left in nice bold handwiting , if it’s possible with white letters and black outlining if it’s possible

come on guys help me out here

If you can supply the picture, I’ll give it a shot. I don’t know where to find a good, big sent pic.

what about a large blue magneto in his blue suit and taunt pose, that would also be great

Eh, I really don’t have any big marvel pics whatsoever. A sufficiently large picture like the one you described probably doesn’t exist. See if you can find an image that you like (click on the “Official Artwork Resources/Websites List” sticky or try or Then, im it to me or post it here and I’ll be happy to work on a layout.

EDIT: Actually, I found something – what do you think of this pic?:

yeah man I also saw that one. yeah that will work but can you customize the color like I asked for, and also if you can use some cool text style for my name that would really bring it all together man.Sounds like a plan thanx

Ok, cool, I’ll get started

hey man I just saw your work with the doom tag battle…wow :wow: , if my joystickart looks anything like that oh man that shit is gonna kick some ass :tup: , hopefully you threw on a kick ass background for me :party: , just seing that doom tag, i cant wait to see what you can do on a bigger surfacs i :pray: to you

hit me up on aim dude

hey dude how is the art coming along, let me know what you are working on, later