Joystick Artwork Request/Colab: Street Fighter IV Theme

Hey Guys,

I need some artwork for my own personal joystick, this one is mine, PC1X1’s, not for sale, etc, and figured since we been all waiting so long for SFIV, I wanted to colab and request some aid on making the artwork. I will work on it myself, but will send the PSD file around for collaboration and ideas. But your free to do you a render, and we can go from there as well

Technical Details:

  • =< 300 DPI
  • 10 inches by 8 inches
  • Glossy
  • Must provide source, aka supply me with a PSD, layout is standard HRAP layout that I use on all my sticks, if your interested I can supply you with a template.
  • Buttons are solid colored, so compensate for the buttons holes, so no character is cut off badly.


I would like to use the official artwork from SFIV as a base on all the lovely ladies from SFIV, going in this order,

Chun Li, Cammy, Sakura, Rose, C Viper

Each of their energy swirls clashing and blending on the background. As well as the colors of the background from their respective backgrounds merging. Make it Colorfull, but impactfull somewhat like IGN’s Soul Calibur IV wallpapers, ( I can’t direct link, its IGN Insider’s Only but can provide if you need access to it) I want it in somewhat HDR mode, so that it really stands out.

Think of it as their Chi swirling around them and mixing together.

I need it to be as flashy as possible, and to accent and augment, so when you see the panel, your like :woot:, its the culmination of 10 years of waiting from SFIII, to now.

On the bottom right there will be the SFIV logo.

For ease of use, and thanks to Huy-N, heres some transparencies for ease between foreground and background.

Heres the SFIV artwork thread:

I am hoping the usual suspect ie Sasmasta, and Vegett0 join in, but everyone is welcome :).

And Thanks to SRK being a great community, its my pleasure to be here. And see everyone online!


Standard HRAP/Tougeki Arcade Layout, with Start and Select.

Standard HRAP/Tougeki Arcade Layout, side Start and Select.

(For my stick, please use the one with side and Start and Select, i.e only 6 face buttons, no start and select, I uploaded both for ease of use, and in case anyone wants to borrow it :). )

Example: Of similar idea,, the Group Wallpapers package.


Phil, once again…you are the man! :pray:


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