Joystick artwork request - Medium to high complexity

Hello to all. :smile:

Although I had initially planned to have my stick artwork made by someone I know, it has unfortunately come to this. My artistic standards are a bit higher than average, so I ask that you attempt this only if you’re confident with your capability. I’ll give the rundown:

-the total size is 16" x 10.5"
-there are cut-offs on the bottom corners; for simplicity’s sake, just don’t put anything cool there! There’s no need to actually cut off the corners for me. But if you want, it’s 1.5" high, 4" horizonally, cut off as triangles.
-colour scheme should match with blue Happ buttons (sorry, but I don’t have a picture; I will try to find one). If you don’t think the art matches well, you can just make the whole thing a monochromatic blue colour scheme. In fact I may prefer that, depending on the art style.
-joystick is 4" from the top, 4.5" from the left side, and the dust cover is about 2" in diameter; the centrepoint of the nearest button (there are 6 total in SF layout, each being 1.5" apart) is about 4" from the joystick centre. Please don’t put something like a character’s head under the dust cover or buttons. Just estimate so that you don’t have to draw the template circles on there.

Sorry if everything is too specific. Other than the mentioned outline, the rest is up to you (if someone decides to do this…). I have attached 3 kanji characters: Focus, skill, and style in PNG format (I guess you should increase the size if possible). Maybe you could do something cool with them. I was thinking to align them vertically between the stick and buttons, but that’s just a suggestion. If you’re not into background effects, I suppose using a wallpaper from would be good enough (that is allowed, right?). Characters that I prefer are Ryu, Ken, Alex, Dudley, Guy, Hanzo, Genjuro, Kyo, Hwang Sung Kyung, and Mitsurugi (btw, I’m not really into Falcoon art). Whichever ones you use are totally up to you, but don’t use more than 5 or 6 (I like the clean look; not too crowded). Also, I ask for there to be no text, unless it’s really necessary to the overall look in your opinion.

Whew… longest post I’ve ever written. :wow: I really hope someone accepts this task so that I didn’t type it all for nothing. If anyone makes anything at all, you have my most sincere gratitude beforehand.

If you’re not sure of something, post, PM, or try AIM (let me know first). Thank you.

Ok I’m not known or anything but I’ll see what I can do but if you can get a picture of the color of those buttons it would be great thanks.

This is the best I could do:

Some site
Game Cabinets Inc.

Also check out It seems to appear there a few times.

Thank you for considering this.

Here ya go

Nothing too fancy but I prefer the simple and clean look myself.

Nice job, but… it’s a little different than what I had visualized. I guess it’s my fault for being so picky. On second thought, perhaps it would be best if a Deviant Art wallpaper was used as a background to save time. This one was okay:

I noticed a few others I liked in the abstract section (I assume the hue can be altered on all, and the size can be stretched or compressed). As long as it’s not too busy looking, it should work. Your artwork seemed a bit simpler than I expected, and the darkness of the Hanzo picture seems to contrast a little too much with the colour of the BG. If you don’t want to continue I understand; I truly hope you’re not offended if I don’t use it.

I have a bit of an idea (which hopefully isn’t too difficult for anyone). Maybe you can make the Kanji characters thicker/larger, and put a portrait of a character inside each one. Or maybe the game character(s) can be monochromatic, and the place where a Kanji might overlap them could make them coloured. I actually have a pounding headache right now so I can’t think of anymore ideas… but I hope you guys try something because I have no other choice. :sad:

I’m sorry if I’m driving everyone crazy.

Hey dude, I’ll make ya a cool lookin’ artwork if ya still want one. :clap: