Joystick artwork request

Alright, I’ve decided to get a joystick done by dreadedfist. My main concern now is getting a good slab of artwork on there. I’m using the Japanese Sanwa layout ( I’m wanting a third strike themed stick, and more importantly Alex. I was thinking of something along the lines of their portraits like in the verses screen (with Alex ( in the bottom left and Hugo ( in the upper right), with on the lower bottom middle the sprite capture of the Alex and Hugo prematch staredown ( The first frame of the gif would be fine. The characters will have to probably be enlarged though, but I don’t mind it looking a little pixelated. The Third Strike logo on the upper middle top would be nice as well (can find a good capture of that). I can’t think of anything to go in the background, so something classy would be nice.

That’s just the basic idea. If somebody could bring it to life I’d donate some money or something. It really sucks that I can’t do something like this myself :frowning: Thanks to any who take this project up. I really want to get the artwork done so I can send off to get this stick made.

Heh…is everyone buying DF sticks now?

I still haven’t gotten any serious replies in my (leopaldon) artwork thread yet, but I hope you have better luck than me!