Joystick Button Layout


I don’t have the time to write about any of this right now!

oh of course those are all for the old-school layout

the new-school layout is the same as Tekken


One example I can think of offhand is if you play Raiden. Since the rainbow allows each finger to settle on a button, Raiden can continue punching the opponent with A/B while having the charges held in the C/D buttons.


Although I rarely play on stick, when I do it’s on old school Neo Geo. Feels optimal. Of course it’s weird switching back between SF and KOF too often but it eventually feels pretty good after the adjustment is made. It’s mainly mixing up A and B buttons with LP and LK buttons. Like I press st. Short instead of st. Jab in 3s then end up pressing cr.A instead of cr.B in KOF when I switch between the two types of games too often in a time frame.


Just got my stick today and I’m finding that, as someone who started out on Third Strike,


is pretty natural for me. All it does is swing D out to your ring finger. I like having my punches together. Only issue I’m having is doing EX kick specials, though that may be because the Brawl Stick buttons are iffy.


Hey yo, it’s me, it’s me, it’s RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, and I just wanted to ask a slightly random question fellas but does anybody have any Idea why my MAS stick won’t respond @ all to kof 13?? I super suck on pad!! Uggggh!


If it’s PS3:

Seems to be caused by lack of a home button?


Sticks and converters won’t work on KOF XIII unless they have some sort of PS Home button. That’s why PS2 pad converters don’t work with KOF XIII unless it’s an InPin, which does have a PS Home button. I’m not too familiar with sticks, but if your MAS has a PS2 input, you could get an InPin or something so you could have it recognized. Otherwise I think you need to get your MAS modded to have PS Home.

If you’re on 360, then I don’t know what the deal is since I haven’t kept up with that system.


I guess I’m pretty fucked up then as I play with:


Dunno why but it just feels comfortable this way, didn’t like the standard at all because I would be drumming an empty button between rounds!


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Okay brotha, thank you very much for your response, I’m on PS3. Well at least I know now that it’s not just my shit, but still FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! Lol.

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To clarify this is:


I thought this was the main button layout kof players used? Its what I used for Garou when I tried to learn that. I’m learning KOF XIII now and just wanna use the arcade standard.


I use box layout because I’m a strong independent gaijin that don’t need no arcade standard layout.


That neogeo cab layout

I tried it out

Was so mind fucked trying to learn it it made doing some things really easy like pressing BCD to get HD cancel into special moves.


That’s basically the same setup I use. Took me a day or two to get the feel of it, but now it feels natural.


I used to like


back in the 94-98 days. I like having AB and CD adjacent to each other.
These days since you also have to press AC and BD, I’ll just stick to the box format.


Most old KOF players use that because it was the arcade standard for the Neo-Geo. The box layout is now the default, but the arcade version also allowed the classic layout to be selected.


Was the A button put on the bottom for the old SNK cabinet layout meant for the thumb to hit?


I’m currently using this format on my stick. It seems pretty strange at first but now after a few hours of playing it became comfortable enough for me to use.


— C
B —

:eek: Doesn’t works well on the forum. Left side of taito, not the middle one.


I always had index on A, middle on B, ring on C and pinky on D.

Which is how I have XIII set up now.